Bike fit / correct riding position

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  • Unless they specifically want a woman fitter, The Bike Whisperer ftw.

  • Thanks.

    I'll show her the options and see what she thinks.

  • I have custom molded insoles (Sidas). They are old and they stink. I don't really have the time to make an appointment to go and get some new ones. I didn't get them to solve some critical issue, was just part of a bike fit I had. My question is, has anyone gone from using them back to not? Am I gonna have a bad time? Are there alternatives that are likely to be comparable? e.g.­ing-insoles.html

  • I have maybe 4 pairs of shoes I use regularly. They all have different inners. I still have both feet.

  • Not sure this is really the right thread but thought this little geo comparison thing seemed like it has potential to be useful. Best of all it has a search thing where you can filter by stack, reach, TT length, clearance, etc. and I assume that like me you geo nerds have been wishing for someone to make a searchable database like this for some time

    Guess it depends a lot on the completeness of the database, I tried a few UK bike manufacturers and their bikes weren't on there :| but seems easy enough to add them

    @hobocross the instagram influencer (ugh) had a hand in building it

  • @hobocross the instagram influencer

    @laner 's sponsor!

  • He seems like a nice bloke. And his dog is my #1 favourite Instagram dog.

  • So I've booked in a session with the Bike Whisperer, but I'm really umming and ahhing about which bike to take.

    Should I take

    1. A bike that I'm probably going to replace with a new build in the
      next few months and use the numbers for the frame picking/setup?
    2. A bike that I'm already pretty comfortable on and dial that fit in, and
      use the numbers for the new build?

  • Just had my follow up with Foundation fit.
    Been a really positive experience.
    Set up the aero bars position for TCR and tweaked a few minor parts.
    Would recommend, with the added bonus Wei comes to you.

  • can anyone recommend a bike fit / setup in london specialist in track riding?

  • did you solve this? i have the exact same issue where the pad in whatever shorts i wear breaks up in the exact same place (right side, top of leg / inside of thigh on the chamois pad) after a couple of thousands of km of wear. i can't really see that part of me is rubbing on anything but i am pretty sure i don't sit squarely on the saddle.

  • Could be length discrepancy, saddle too high, handlebars too far, lacking arch support etc... #internetbikefit might not be enough to clear that one unfortunately.

  • I've trashed 4 sets of bibs in the last 12 months with this issue. Actually going to get a fit this weekend to try and fix it.

    Assume it's a leg length discrepancy issue, as I had a short left leg (the side that rubs) identified on a previous fit but I binned off the shims after a few months. My leg length issues cause my saddle to sag on the left side which probably contributes to the troubles. I'll see about new shoes and arch support too, perhaps a new saddle and report back.

  • If your saddle is sagging it may be time to buy a new one.

  • No way. They sag after 6-9 months. I’ll find out the cause before buying new saddles ta.

  • As part of the fit they may well adjust your contact points and suggest a new saddle.

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Bike fit / correct riding position

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