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of 800
  • 80-100 miles

    That's quite a higher power for a long ride if you're threshold is ~240.
    Doesn't quite seem right. Odd.

    If you can do 210W for 80-100 miles then that's a decent place to start tomorrow, then after an hour turn it up if you can.
    As my recommendation of .75 of FTP leaves you at 183. Which is apparently quite a bit under what you can do.

  • FWIW I tried 82% of 10 pace for a 100 last week........ and it blew me to pieces.
    210/255 * 100 = 82% Just saying.

  • 80% of FTP maybe but your 10 power will be higher than FTP so 80% of that is heaps. I need to look at my power files to work out what %FTP I was riding at.

    Since it's Ed's first one though I'd just worry about finishing with as decent a level of pacing possible. You'll soon slow down if you've gone out too hard...

  • Yes. That's my point. Something doesn't ring true there for me.
    Not calling Ed a liar or anything near, just I find the numbers odd.

  • Different measurements taken from different rides that probably weren't geared up to be proper tests. Two data points don't contain a whole lot of 'truth'.

  • power tests have always been mid training blocks, just done as training exercises, at the end of this week i will do a more rested test, i.e. next week is a recovery week!

  • True.

    But if he averages 210 for 80-100 miles rides, he averages 210.

    Personally I'd use the 10mile TT test of 255. Then knock a bit off to 245. Then .75 of that, so 180.

    If you find that easy after 1h turn it up. Still easy after 2h then turn it up. And so on.

  • ^ sounds do able, as long as i beat my 5 club mates, i'm club 100 champion, and i can beat 3 of them in my sleep, 1 of them is a problem but i'm pretty sure he'll go off like a rocket and DNF...

  • I tend to warm up very easy, do the first hour slightly below what I'm expecting to be able to hold and then raise it, PBing NP over the whole course. Might be able to go faster with less conservative pacing but it's worked for me thus far. 100s are too short though... ;)

  • When you going for LEJOG? And then 1000mile.

    I'll support you! :)

    Good luck ed. Eat and concentrate.

  • Everyone wanted me to do RAAM, I've been busy practicing my American...

  • I do 315 for a 10, 275 for 50
    I'm aiming for 230.
    The TSS for my last 100 was 265 for the 50 it was 400+
    .....and the 100 hurt way more.

  • Your TSS for a 50 couldn't be 400+

    More like circa 200.

  • No LEJOG. For sure.

    I'd love to have a go. So would love to support someone.

  • Your TSS for a 50 couldn't be 400+

    More like circa 200.

    Well spotted, FTP setting at 200 not 300.
    That makes it 276, still ugly.

  • What should I multiply my FTP by to get target power for a 2 hour climb?

  • Depends how fit you are. Fitter you are closer to FTP.

    Maybe something like .85 to start and then turn it up if easy.

  • It's not a TT (whoops - wrong thread) - I'm climbing Ventoux from Bedoin side, so it's not going to be an all-out effort (I don't want to be all over the shop descending - plus I may also do the Sault climb depending how I feel). I just wanted a ballpark to aim for. .85 seems reasonable and will give me a bit of room for manoeuvre by going over in the 2km at 10% in the forest.

    It's all a bit vague anyway as I'm only basing my FTP on Training Peaks estimates at the moment. I was in the middle of a training block when I got my PowerTap and haven't had the chance to do a proper 20min test yet.

  • I can't remember the last time I did a test!

    You should be able to tell what your FTP is from training really. I reckon I could guess mine to within a handful of watts. And also what I could do there and then, which is more useful to know.

    If it's not a race, then just enjoy it and start out at more like .75. It'll be more enjoyable.

  • Definitely not a race - it's a holiday! The guys I'm going with will treat it like a race, but then... they don't race ;)

  • Just try and stay riding sweetspot... until pride forces you to attack/chase.

    Multiples of 20min efforts etc.

  • Controversial, but why not just ride up on feel? You're experienced enough to know when you're riding at an unsustainable pace.

  • It's really easy to empty the tank on a mountian at any point should you choose, so riding well within yourself is the way. As andyp says.

  • Controversial, but why not just ride up on feel? You're experienced enough to know when you're riding at an unsustainable pace.

    Pretty much what I will be doing - just wanted to have a rough number in mind. In terms of feel I know what I can maintain on say; a hard climb in Wales for 40 mins.. but 2 a solid 2 hour climbing effort is not something I've done since I did the Etape (back then it was just a case of "get up however you can" for me).
    I have half a mind to leave the PT and HR monitor at home and take some nice light wheels.. but seems like a decent opportunity to collect some data. #nerd.

  • Apologies for clogging up the tester thread with all this hill talk

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Time Trial / Time Trialling / TT

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