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  • Probably not real time trialing but me and @dbr had a good hit out at north road hardriders today - surprised to get 3rd with @dbr hot on my heels

    Road bikes aren’t dead

  • Great work today man, you were flying!

  • Idly browsing and it occurs to me I think I saw you go over the line just behind me today. Scorching times for you both.

  • I've just set up the entry sheets for our (Westerley's) Hillingdon TTs for this season on RiderHQ, so thought I'd give them a quick plug in case anyone is interested.

    For those who've not done them before, it's 11 laps / 10 and a bit miles of a smooth, traffic-free tarmac circuit in west London with electronic timing and refreshments afterwards. As well as the usual Wednesday evening series, we're doing three weekend ones this year. Road bike and TT bike categories.

    Here are the entry links for the first Wednesday evening and weekend ones:

    Wednesday 10 May, 7:15pm

    Saturday 22 April, 2pm

    The Wednesday ones will be every other week until the end of August and the other weekend ones are on Sunday 9th July and Sunday 20th August.

    NB if anyone is really keen and fancies doing more than 5 of the events, it will be cheaper to join Westerley as second claim which gives discounted (and guaranteed) entry.

  • it's 11 laps

    Unless you're me.


  • And quite a few others: Andy Halliday always used to do 12 laps just to make sure, I've always used my garmin and went by the distance!

    There's always someone who peels off triumphant after 10 laps, though!

  • For TTs nowadays (like I've ridden a TT recently) I normally change the Garmin to miles rather than km which helps.

  • You know all the tricks!

    At one point I had two garmins, one in miles and the other in km.

  • Got a non-FB link?

  • It's a full set of Vuka with extension, spacers, pads, garmin mount and all the gubbins you can wish for, for £50. But the steerer clamping plate is cracked. If you can source a replacement, its a good deal.

    Gearing question to the wider audience:

    I've got a race coming up, 90km TT on a flat out and back course (part of a half ironman relay team). Last year the course was super windy. My friend rode it last year 39km/h average out, 30.5km/h average back with pretty consistent 200W power. I'm aiming for around 240w.

    Should I do single 50t chainring up front, or something like 42/54? I will have 12-27 on the back. In theory the 50t will work both ways from a cadence perspective, but would I effectively be crosschaining the whole 90km (offset NW 50t ring)?

    Things to note: I already have the 50t, and I'd need to take off the FD from my road bike.

    I also might be overthinking it.

  • 39km/h average out, 30.5km/h average back

    That's only 4:3, for me 50/15 out and 50/20 back. That's the middle 4 out of 11 with 12-27 nearly all the time, hardly cross-chaining.

  • Ah, thanks. Gone now it seems.

  • Thats with his results though, my target power is 20% higher, and I am a lot smaller than him. But I guess that would just mean that on the headwind part I'd be even closer to the middle of the cassette. I dont think I'd spin out on 50-12 as there's no downhills. Ok, I'm convinced, thanks! :)

    @hippy still there for me

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  • my target power is 20% higher, and I am a lot smaller

    That should make your split more even, so even narrower range. Obviously you need the chainring to match your expected speed and preferred cadence, but the point is that you're going to spend most of the time on only 4 or 5 sprockets, so try to put those evenly spaced either side of the neutral chainline.

    When I were a lad, most people used 1×6 and the 6 were 13-18🙂

  • What TT tyres are people using in the real world for uk tt riding? Race wheels so not much training but will do some riding outside races.
    Michelin power tt look a good mix of rolling resistance and in stock!

  • A few people (including Xav) have suggested the Conti GP5000 has low RR and equally important low aero drag

  • I've still got Vittoria Corsa TL on my bike (both sizes, because I'm like that) but they probably need to be swapped out for something else if I ever race it again.

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Time Trial / Time Trialling / TT

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