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  • couldn't get the legs going at all for a short 53

    #boastpost 🙂

  • Hardly! I'm still disappointed today.

  • Has anyone got a spare set of 25/35 degree TT extensions (22.2mm) that I could try on for size
    for a week or two before I commit to buying a proper set myself?

    Beers/forum donation in exchange..etc

  • Anyone know of clip-on bars similar to this (maybe pro triathlon bars) that have 31.8mm middle section where you could clamp a Garmin or light mount?

  • I do already have a few of those Profile mounts. Never seen those Fourier bridges before. Cool. I'm still annoyed I sold my spare Zipp clamps and I don't want to take the bars off the Kinesis.

    So, I actually look for the whole aerobar setup to stick on the MTB's flat bars.

  • Have you seen the Ride farr setups?
    They do integrated and bolt on and most of them have a clamp area on the extension

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  • Ride farr

    I've seen similar bars (Weirdo bars? bikepacking.com did a whole article on "odd" bars) but maybe not these. I'm still kinda after armrests, not just the grips.

    Maybe just bog standard clip-on bars and then add that Fourier end piece to them.

  • 100% for proper aero bars with arm rests. I used to be restricted to stubby draft legal bars for certain races so used them quite a bit for a while and they provide very little aero benefit over a decent position and not at all comfortable

  • The main point of these is to rest my hands on non-technical sections and to hang shit off, like Garmins or lights so their easy to see and/or the front-roll doesn't get in their way

  • If your not trying to get aero on them and are sort of slumping forward with your wrists hanging off the front they can be reasonably comfortable and you should be able pick some up cheap as stubbies are banned by the ITU from next year so current models be discontinued by I'd imagine all manufacturers and some replaced with more practical variations

  • If your not trying to get aero on them


  • Aah just a weight weenie version required then

  • That bike was over 25kg when it lined up at Spirit of Girona. I think it's beyond WW help too.

    If I get a dynamo setup for it, then I'll lose some lights and batteries. I was going to swap out the dropper for a rigid or maybe suspension post, I could use those "plastic" spare tubes instead of this arrangement

  • Kudos for matching blue tape though 👌

  • Total accident.

    I panic bought a tonne of electrical tape ages ago so I have many rolls of different colours. Blue was already open so it got used.

  • 25% off https://www.shopforwatts.co.uk/ today. Someone buy me some aerobars

  • Me too please. Brings a basebar and extensions down from circa 3k to.....still more than 2k gulp

  • Yeah, I'm like "should I buy aerobars that cost more than what my frameset cost to add 800 yards to a 12hr?"

    If I was sure I'd bother racing the 12hr again I'd be more inclined to get some testing done and cough up for the full kit and kaboodle but I'm more interested in road touring and MTB and gravel shit now so TTs might have to wait another year. Maybe I'll just find a nice second hand set in a few years...

  • I am saving up still for some aero testing to improve position, not necessarily from Wattshop although I can't see many other options these days. Front end is pretty adjustable (without any fancy bars) so seems like all this aerobar stuff is decoration on top of icing on the cake.

    Be cool to go to a track or a tunnel for a few hours and test a load of suits and helmets but again, I would need convincing the difference between fastest and slowest setup is 20w or better

  • Had a few rides with my new fit and Fizik Tritone saddle. The fit feels good, but I am not feeling the sharp, wide front of the saddle. Tried it in several different cycling bibs, and genuinely found the Antares more comfortable. Can't imagine riding it with a trisuit pad longer than 20k.

    Anyone got any experience with a saddle where
    a, the grooves arent that deep, therefore the edges arent as high/pronounced
    b, the front is a bit narrower overall?

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  • Want to try my Adamo TT?

  • I went from a ism pn 3.0 (which I found too wide), to a Bontrager Hilo comp and found it preferable. The difference in width is actually fairly minimal though.

  • I tried and failed with a Tritone for a long time. The grooves were just too much.

    Now on a Geobemized Stride. Night and day.

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Time Trial / Time Trialling / TT

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