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  • Will do! Sad to be parting but I'm taking a (probably permanent) break from riding DC courses and doing road bike TT events for rest of the season.

    Also #2 is arriving in September so next season is totally up in the air and selling off most of my racing stuff.

  • hippy in reply to @clubman

    Hounslow 100

    I do like this race.

    Here's my report:


    I wasn't aware of anyone from the forum riding - did anyone face the timekeeper?

    There was no one on fixed, which is (surprisingly) quite unusual for this event.

  • With conventional racing apparently out of favour, here is a possible alternative:

    Course de Rene Fallet

    Monsieur Fallet was a journalist who loved cycle sport, but as a spectator and reporter rather than an actual participant; he also liked a drink. He was a friend of Raymond Poulidor whom he once partnered in a Gentlemen’s GP, but had to ask Raymond to push him on any kind of climb.

    In his book ‘Poulidor Intime’ Raymond reports the sole victory in his friend’s palmares. This was in ‘Les Boucles de la Bresbe*’ which was run under Fallet’s own special system, the rules were:

    • Absolutely no breaking away.

    • Obligatory halt at every bar on the course.

    • Speed not to exceed 10 mph.

    • All competitors to be weighed before the start and after the finish. The winner is the rider who
      has gained most weight (the one who has consumed the most in the bars).

    Are there enough English pubs still in business to organise such an event in this country?

    *Bresbe - Fallet's parents' home town.

  • This sounds like the kind of thing I come up with every time I get wasted with other cyclists.

    Not sure about the 10mph limit but where do I sign?

  • Sounds like a SSMTB race. In.

  • Is it no longer possible to buy a uci approved tt bike off the peg? I’ve dabbled in a couple of tri’s, and there are local tt, team tt and duathlon series’ through autumn and winter, so looking to pick up a tt bike, but most brands seem to now only offer triathlon bikes to the masses. Is this because unless you’re racing road events at a certain level, they really couldn’t care less if the bike is uci approved or not as long as it’s safe? I know tri bikes are probably faster but I wanted to keep my racing options open.

  • Is it no longer possible to buy a uci approved tt bike off the peg?

    Was just looking at Cube Aerium earlier, there's definitely a UCI legal version. Pretty sure Cervelo P5 is legal if you remove the luggage, Look 796 Monoblade too, AFAIK. Check the UCI list, there are probably Trek, BMC, Canyon and Cannondale options.

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  • To be honest it was canyon I was looking at as a value for money entry into tt (limited used options in Ireland), and none of their current offerings are uci legal.

    A guy I know can get ex team canyon and pinarello in October/November so worst case I’ll have that to fall back on, knowing they’ll be uci approved, but it would be nice to get hold of something sooner.

  • would be nice to get hold of something sooner.

    The way things are, you're probably not going to get a new bike by then anyway. Argon18 E118 Tri+ is reasonably priced and stickered, but I don't see any complete bikes in stock.

  • Is it possible to get hold of a tt or tri bike for under £4k in the uk anymore would be a good follow up question! In size XL my conclusion so far is no

  • Is it possible to get hold of a tt or tri bike for under £4k

    Depends what you mean by "get hold of". You can back order a Cervelo P/105 for £3500, but who knows when you might actually see it.

  • Managed to pick this up local to me for €800. Frameset is immaculate but it has an odd mish mash of parts (6800 mechs, da shifters and 6600 cranks, entry level mismatched wheelset), the chain is absolutely caked in grease, and the setup needs fettling, but it’s something to build on.

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  • Exactly, get hold of as I’m actually get it and ride it!

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Time Trial / Time Trialling / TT

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