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  • Double post! I was fiddling around with my brakes, and got a bit concerned. Ive got TRP TTV-s, and it seems that the way to secure the cable is an M4 grub screw, tightened straight against the brake cable. This cant be right?

    I'd think that something like a plate would go in there to push against the entire width of the cable. The TRP TTV manual doesnt mention anything like this.

    The TRP T992 does mention a "2pcs clamp system", and its exactly what I thought there should be on mine:

    For this part TTV is not listed as a compatible brake.

    So...whats up with this? This is what mine looks like, although not with a torque wrench, but torqued to the least I'd be comfortable heading out on the roads with:

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  • it seems that the way to secure the cable is an M4 grub screw, tightened straight against the brake cable. This cant be right?

    It's how the cable is secured on TriRigs and Campag Deltas. Use the correct torque, you need the right balance between grip and crush.

  • Yep that grub screw is straight against the cable i use to swap my tri spoke for a wider deep section front meaning i regularly had to let the cable out a bit to accommodate then re tighten but after a few times doing this the cable would start fraying just like yours so we're over tightening ours. Apart from needing to replace my front cable regularly I've never had a problem slippage/failure under braking even at race speeds despite my ham fisted mechanics. These brakes are quite shit performance wise though.

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  • M4 thread at 3Nm should generate about 4kN axial load, cable tension isn't likely to exceed 1kN,so you're hoping the coefficient of friction of cable vs. housing is more than 0.25, disregarding any mechanical interlock generated by deformation.

  • And thats why I knew I'm asking the right people here :)

    I guess my fear was rather fraying, but gotcha: Dont be an idiot, use a torque wrench, and it should be fine.

    Also thanks for sharing your experience @Retro_Bastard !

  • I've learnt more here than i was able to contribute. It seems my + 1/4 turn just incase approach isn't the best practice. More finesse from now on... maybe

  • Just posted this here but hoping a fellow tester might have a spare... https://www.lfgss.com/conversations/3752­45/

  • I have a gen 1 23mm, if you're desperate

  • Ah thank you - will let you know if it comes to that.

  • Ron Brown (Hounslow) 100

    A reminder - the closing date for this event is next Tuesday 17th May.

    I admit to recycling this potted history of the event, but I think it's still relevant to anyone considering entering for the first time.

    The Ron Brown Memorial 100

    This event has a long tradition which goes back long before it came under Hounslow ‘management’. It had a previous existence as the Calleva Road Club 100 and was first promoted as an open event during the second world war, but it was originally run in the 1930’s as a club event. When this legendary club ran into difficulties in the mid fifties the Hounslow stepped into the breach and has run it continuously since 1956.

    Over the years the promoting club has often provided the winning rider as well as the marshals, here in roughly chronological order: Kevin Fairhead (2 Wins) Jeff Marshall (2), Martyn Roach (4), Colin Roshier (3), Robin Jackson (1) and more recently Paul Holdsworth with two wins. The Hounslow has also shown an impressive consistency in the team award category, having taken the prize thirty times out of sixty possible occasions.
    It would be wrong to imagine this is in any way a ‘club’ event and many past winners from other clubs have been on their way to winning that year’s BBAR championship, for example: Brian Kirby (1961), Ant Taylor (1969) and Michael Hutchinson (2000). Hutchinson’s victory is perhaps the most notable since it was his first ever attempt at the distance, and his main reason for entering was to get a qualifying time for that year’s championship 100; his winning time- 3.38.26!

    Although the history may be interesting, the event is not stuck in the past. The 2016 edition provided a new course and event record by Keiron Davies who, as a novice 100 miler, recorded a stunning 3.27.34. The previous course record was held by five time winner Adam Topham (3.34.01) and the event record dated from its last promotion as National Championship in 1997 when Kevin Dawson won with 3.29.03.

    The Hounslow hopes that all entrants will again be offered the best of the time trial tradition combined with an opportunity to record a fast 100 time.

    The attached pic. is Jeff Marshall turning into Pangbourne Lane near the finish of the 1961 event. He was just twenty at the time and it was his first attempt at the distance. He went on to win it the next year - Jeff will be out helping yet again this year!

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    • First 100 4.25.20 Whitsun Hounslow 100 1961.jpg
  • Love the Ron brown, done it twice, it was the nationals more recently although with a slightly changed course (the start/finish and hq were moved) in 2017, and Kieron Davies won in 3:23. There were at least two forum members riding that day, with @umop3pisdn riding an impressive if perhaps a little frustrating 4:00:08!

  • First tt for me since 2018 last night on h10/2, was hoping for sub 25 minutes after not a lot of cycling training for the last few years, and beat expectations with 24:30. The quality of the field was impressive for a club event with three pro/semi pro riders there and a host of local talent. A very well run event and highly recommended to anyone looking for an intro into tting not far from London, especially with the email entry system meaning it’s now possible to pre book and turn up at the start time rather than historically having to get there at 6 to ensure a ride for a 7:45 start!

  • The Hounslow was my first ever 100 - did 4:00:11 that time so I'm nothing if not consistent.

  • The quality of the field was impressive

    Well, some of it at least 🙂

  • does anyone know if Lea Valley are going to run their Tuesday tens at the velopark this year?

    I was there yesterday and asked but they had no idea. there's nothing about it on LV's website, Facebook or Twitter.

    it's been popular in recent years so I'd be surprised if they had stopped doing it.

  • Long shot but if anyone here is selling an XL/58cm+ tt or tri bike or frame set let me know! Thanks

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Time Trial / Time Trialling / TT

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