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  • I was hoping for 'no hippy, you've swapped enough tyre this week already, especially for a guy who doesn't work in a bike shop, the 25s will deffo be faster'

    I'd already added 'fit 23s to my todo list' #woeismeface

  • After missing out on the podium by 5 seconds in my last race I've been getting irrationally uptight about this shit too. I came to the conclusion that my slow front wheel was to blame so I've swapped out the ADR trispoke/22mm conti Attack for a Knight 95/conti tt 23 mm because i saw a graph saying the knight was 4w faster than a Hed 3 at 45 kmh and I've seen a few pros running 23mm tt on that rim so they should know right? The knight is 25.5 mm so only a fraction wider than your 808 fc so 23's could work better for you based on my logic that doesn't even make sense to me now reading it back. But maybe I've got this all wrong and if i don't at least podium at my next race as it wasn't the front wheel holding me back after all it must be a TT extension issue despite going down to 1mm aero tape. For me training smarter and racing harder is a last resort whilst there's cool aero things to buy.

  • Want a conti supersonic? Faster than conti TT I believe :)

  • If you believe i believe. Have to be 23mm though now and you have to promise me it won't puncture like the reviews say.
    Only half joking i probably would still buy it off you.
    Did you set your pb at the weekend wearing the trip guardz i sold you? Must have been the difference surely 😉

  • Woah, what's this crazy spindata shit on CTT now?

    It's given me a finish time prediction for tomorrow! It's slower than my PB so I don't think I'll bother racing now.

  • Yeah they finally fixed it so it went to the right spindata entry. Enjoy the rabbithole.

    I have completely varying results with their predictions, last two TT's I did it was 1s off and over a minute off.

  • last two TT's I did it was 1s off and over a minute off.

    The predicted times assume "average" meteorological conditions. The metric to test them on is your finishing position rather than time

  • The question you've all be asking has finally been answered - what does the new Hope look like with a CTT-mandated red light strapped to the seat post

    Source: https://www.cyclingweekly.com/products/h­ope-hbtt-bike-gets-its-first-road-time-t­rial-win-with-ethan-vernon

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  • Good point. Last TT it was only one placing out, for me anyway.

    I can't blame them for not correctly predicting the guy who finished above me as he had no previous data, nor do people often rock up and do a 45:45 😉

  • They have been one place out for me in all three open events for which they made predictions this year.

  • I think it predicted a 12th place for me and I finished in 33rd place, so not much use if you've not ridden a 10mi in 5 years and everyone else has spent those 5 years getting faster instead of fatter.

  • He used it at the World's U23 TT too (without the light....) and rode to 7th place. So it obviously has UCI approval already

  • The other Ethan riding ITT at Worlds did quite well, was he expected to place in the top 10?

  • Do you have a google map location of one of these trenches?

    I'm going to fill in a https://www.fillthathole.org.uk/ every day for a year from random IPs to see if it gets that road on their radar.

  • Sadly not. An audio recording of me saying FUCK very loudly would be a pretty accurate record of the larger divots though.

  • Looks like i won't be using my new Knight 95 up front next weekend after all

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  • #thatwillbuffout

    What happened to it? Damaged in transit or something?

  • Had it built up and it failed whilst settling before its final check. Its bulged on the other side so its like its collapsed into the valve hole. Better happening sitting in a truing stand than when I'm tanking around Thruxton at 30 mph next weekend. Sigma have been great though it happened on Monday and they've got a courier picking it up today. Most apologetic and full refund coming.

  • That's about as good as it could be, considering.

  • Whats the general approach to picking a saddle for a TT bike? Ive never used a saddle with the short nose thingy. Im using Fizik Antares on my road bikes, and Aliante on the gravel, done 5h+ rides on both and they were ok.

    TT bike will probably be the turbo resident for this winter so rides up to 2h.

  • As long as its comfy it doesn't really matter. I've tried loads and some of the fat padded nosed and snub nosed tt specific models and they haven't worked for me ism are too wide for me i cracked a Dash. I seem to get on with either long flat road saddles arione, regal or something slightly shorter with a slightly dropped nose selle italia iron flow or prologo dimension. It seems like the snub nosed ones suit riders that ride on the front of the saddle and hang your nuts off the front and drooped nosed versions for those for those with a fair bit of anterior pelvic tilt. If you know what you are that may help narrow things down but if you know what you like and it ain't broke stick with it and ignore trends. Try as many as you can. Bike fit, saddle to bar drop, saddle fore/aft over bb position and cleat position will make as much if not more of a difference than the saddle itself. So no general approach as different riders will have different needs.

  • I don't know what the general approach is but after a couple of short races resulting in a numb dick I quickly moved to split nosed saddles (Adamo and similar) and then it was just a case of buying a bunch of used ones until I found what worked.

    I've just removed the Adamo Breakaway from my gravel bike to try going back to a "normal" saddle because they don't work so well off-road and when you're moving slower and sat back more.

  • Whats the general approach

    TL;DR: There isn't one

    If you are happy with your road saddle, stick with that and see how you get on. I'm a fan of leaving everything up to your shoulders where it is when switching from road to TT, so your saddle should still work as long as you can ride TT type efforts on your road bike in the drops.

  • I did the opposite and changed my road bike saddle to a split-nosed Adamo so it was more like my TT bike. Depends what you spend more time on.

  • Thanks for the advice all! I think I'll start with the Antares then, I needed to get another one anyway.

    But, any of you still have all these TT saddles laying around for testing by chance? :)

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Time Trial / Time Trialling / TT

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