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  • Anyone need a Garmin tt mount? Just found a new aerocoach one with adapters for round and oval bars. Its the revised version that shouldn't rattle. Never fitted and a tenner posted ?

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  • For Garmin or Wahoo?

  • Sorry Garmin flavour now edited 👍

  • Anyone else doing the Nat 10 next weekend? The course is local to me and starts with a ~3mi hill

  • Thanks. They went quick.

    I'm talking to Kingswann at the moment. But I think I'm melting his brain with my lack of understanding with how his adapters are made.

  • Anyone looking to shift some 15deg or more extensions?

  • Went for a reccy end of last week, looks like I'm going to be not in the aerobars for the first 10min :D

    We've been faffing with gearing with all our riders, everyone's on something different - Rich Bussell on 58/50, me 58/44, Jess RJ 54/40, Hayley not sure yet but I think 58/xx, Vicky Smith 56/42. Should be fun, last 4km is a bit tight though and you don't want two cars going opposite way whilst you're racing.

  • 😆 is a bike swap mid-race legal in a CTT event?

    I've ridden the hill plenty on the road bike, and am comfortable with a 36 11-28, but I'll be running 56/44 (11-28) Sunday 🤞
    Been lucky on the latter sections in previous races, at least holiday season is over now so hopefully fewer tourists about. Might be a bit of loose gravel to watch out for after this rain, especially on the turn at the top of the hill and when turning west towards the finish.

  • is a bike swap mid-race legal in a CTT event?

    There's no prohibition, but pay particular attention to regulations 18 and 22

  • The course is local to me
    Might be a bit of loose gravel

    You know what you need to do.

  • Aha bike swap would be fun! I might well be tempted :D

  • Thanks again for the offer. I've decided to finish off the season after today and will grab something from someone local for a longer term loan until deciding what to eventually pull the trigger on.

    Considering the larger Aerolab ones once I know where to drill them, spoke to someone using them earlier on and they seem pretty decent for £80.

  • ....and on a general note, feeling a certain sense of relief from no more racing, and three weeks completely off the bike till October - but a very fun reintroduction back this year into TT's.

  • No worries i guess position fettling is best left for the off season anyway. Those Aerolab ones look decent nice and supportive and pretty good value. Hope you had a good season 💪

  • @xavierdisley How did you get on?
    I set a decent PB up the climb and caught my minute man after 1mi but obviously went off too hard as just couldn't keep the power up after the ascent.
    Still no official times/results?

  • Didn't get a chance to warm up as my disc's rear tube failed at the valve seam as I was setting up so rushed around getting that fixed. Also a cold uncomfortable sleepless night on a camping bed didn't help my performance. Those are all the excuses I've got unfortunately...

  • I was pretty poor for various reasons but enjoyed it. I did do the tricky corners (first one and then the sharp left through the village) faster than both Chris Fennell and Rich which was gratifying, even if they did put minutes into me elsewhere :D

  • We had a cool Airbnb in Wareham which was nice, stayed there couple of nights with Hayley and Rich. Makes a big difference sleeping I think - tried camping before races and it's always a wattage sapper

  • Anyone have any aero data for 23mm vs 25mm Vittoria Corsa on Zipp 808 FC rim?

    For the 12hr I ran 25mm f+r but I wonder if I should stick 23mm on for Sat 10mi (and actually, if 23mm is faster maybe use one on the front for 12hr?)?

  • I thought narrower was more aeroz on the front, especially if the rim width at the brake track is less than 26mm*.Whether the aero gains will negate the increase in rolling resistance will depend on your speed and the surface.

    *assuming actual tyre widths, rather than nominal

  • Normally I would agree but they're very wide rims so thought perhaps getting 'closer to rim width' might be faster than 'skinnier than rim width'. At 30mph I would think aero is more important than Crr (especially on the front, I'll leave the 25mm on the rear).

  • Clinchers?

  • Yeah, latex-tubed clinchers.

    I hate tubs and will not run road TL.

  • Run the 23s then. They'll fill out to the width of the rim

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Time Trial / Time Trialling / TT

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