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  • No idea. Oh, wait, I have an idea.

    Last year's race on 2nd Aug had official results posted on Aug 13th. So, I guess a couple of weeks.

    Just enough time for me to be balls deep in Transiberica and forget.

  • Cheers.

    This is the kph speed difference each hour between last year and this year


    So it's clear I was a couple of kph slower in the early hours but this paid off later on when I kicked last year's dick in.

  • Just caught up on this thread, amazing result @hippy. Congrats.

  • ~1m15s is what I lost trying to adjust the brakes to stop whatever the noise was after the rain. Probably just a fucking leaf stuck somewhere but it was annoying and I was worried I'd pulled the wheel and it was the tyre rubbing the frame (bang!) so justified stop.

    That's 0.518 miles @ 40kph.

  • Quite mad, respect @hippy!!

  • 299.2 miles.

    What a bag of dicks.

  • Fuck! Bad luck 🙁

  • Bad luck mate. Next year! 💪🏼

  • Fucked if I'm riding 12hrs to add .8 of a mile.

  • Gutted for you

  • Oh maaaaate

  • Sorry to hear that. Still a decent ride!

  • Arg, how frustrating. Hell of a ride though, congrats!

  • Guess my conservative start after last year's explosion was too conservative after all. Combine with the stops and you're coming up short. It's like that 50:02 I did where I stopped for a car at a RAB. Then took a further 3 tries in Wales to finally do a 49. Stupid fucking arbitrary numbers. Anyone wanna buy a Shiv?

  • Anyone ridden/know the score at Nationals today?

  • Anyone wanna buy a Shiv?

    Yes, of course they're arbitary numbers, but sometimes they happen to fall out on the right side.

    I don't think you should sell up now. For what it's worth, I had my best ever TT season when I was 41/42, and I'd been trying for a long time before that!

  • For the last two year's I've only raced one TT a year and its the Breckland trying to get 300.
    It's clearly possible but it's a lot of pain and stress and work to go through to add a few hundred more yards. I'm not sure I've ever had a "best season" - the problem with focusing all your efforts on one race, one target, per year is that there's nothing else there when you fail.

  • You can always come back later - David Shepherd is 60 🙂

  • He's raced a dozen times this year. I've done 2x2hr rides around Hillingdon. Maybe time to reintroduce some specificity and get some events in beforehand.

    Imagine the aero testing I could fit in if I made it to retirement age...

  • Imagine the consternation in Hades when you turn up 10 years later than expected.

  • The trend is for aeroz to improve faster than the VTTA curves go the other way, so it will be easier for you to break 300 miles when you are 60. So why bother next year?

  • aeroz to improve faster than the VTTA curves

    I think it's more than aeros, but yes, you'd expect age records and standards to continue to speed up

  • Anyone got a TT fit from the likes of Aerocoach, Bottrill etc? If so could you drop me a PM?

  • Entries are open for the Westerley Open 25 on 12th September on the H25/2 ski slope course at Marlow.

    It's not full yet: entries close on 31 August.

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Time Trial / Time Trialling / TT

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