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  • Toby Williams and I are on the same distance and so are a couple of other riders so these are definitely still provisional distances.

    Looking at my file it has 482.363km, which converts to 299.7265 miles. So, the time I stopped to let a driver through only for them to fail to indicate and turn in without passing, could cost me 300. Stopping to adjust my brakes, bye bye 300. Tight neck and not being able to get comfortable at the start, bye bye 300. Shoe covers rubbing on Achilles, bye bye 300. Every time I braked a little harder than needed (safety first kids!) bye bye 300.

    Wheels are off, the Shiv is back on the rack. Now I just need my sitbone skin to grow back so I can ride Transiberica.

  • thought they were distances at the last TK and I rode past two to make sure I didn't fuck something up.

    It says they are the last TK you went past within time limit, so that should be the minimum you get credited with and most people will get a bit added on if they passed another TK after their 12h was up

  • Yeah, I just read that again. If that's right then I'll be stoked but I can't get my hopes up. Last year I think I lost 2mi after the provisional results. Although, that could equally be me misreading 294.6 as 296.4 because I was basically crossed-eyed after that ride.

    "these are distances at the last timekeeper passed by the rider before 12 hours and many will be adjusted upwards"

  • That's how I read it.
    When you got to 12 hours, how far was it since you passed the last TK? They'll add that much on to what they've given you already (or an estimate of it based on when you passed the next TK).
    Based on what I've seen, I think it would be worth getting the champagne chilled.

  • I don't really remember. Garmin went over 12hr after I'd left the A11 for the B1172 and then I rode past what I think was a TK on that bit of road and I kept going until 12h8m or something up past another TK on the top of the course heading towards Deophwhatever. I saw the grrl but kept going until a road sign where I'd been throwing bottles and then she found me.


  • Fingers crossed!

  • It is a feature of the 12 Hour that it's actually necessary to maintain your effort for slightly more than 12 hours because you haven't finished until you reach the first timekeeper after your time has expired.

    I don't think it's been clearly explained above but as I understand it, the final distance alloted to the rider is calculated on the basis of the time taken between the timekeeper passed just before the time expires and the time the rider passes the timekeeper just after the time runs out

    It may seem a very trivial thing to keep pushing for, say, another five minutes, but if you're already completely knackered at the exact 12 hour point, it can be a big ask.

    It sounds to me as though Hippy has achieved his 300 miles, but even if he hasn't I'd like to congratulate him on a great ride!

  • It is a feature of the 12 Hour that it's actually necessary to maintain your effort for slightly more than 12 hours because you haven't finished until you reach the first timekeeper after your time has expired.

    You're telling me this like I haven't raced a dozen 12 and 24hrs. :P

    All I'm saying is that until someone removes "provisional" from the results, I'm not claiming a 300 mile ride.

  • You're telling me this like I haven't raced a dozen 12 and 24hrs. :P

    Yes, of course I know you're fully experienced in these matters, but it seemed to me that the posts above created a confusion about the method.

    I hope my explanation makes things clear.

    So I was not really 'replying' to you, Hippy, but to the general readership of this column.

  • but to the general readership of this column.

    Clarified it for me. Thanks!

  • I'm just messing with you. :)

    But also, I'm genetically unable to count during races, so I'll never claim a distance/time until it's official.

  • I finally did a Hippy!

    Got a triathlon last night and went to pop my shoes on the bike and discovered they were at home..

    I can definitely not recommend Nike alphaflys as cycling shoes… very little grip on the pedals and adding 45mm+ of stack meant my hip flexors cramped up after 17.5k

  • Haha yeah at least when I did it I was on SPD-SL with a bit of meat on the pedals. Now I'm on Speedplay I try to make sure I pack two pairs of shoes before every race... just in case :)

  • The Ron Brown 100

    I hope you will be interested in my report:


    It was a great pity our event clashed with the Breckland 12 - I'm confident we would have had a larger entry without this problem. Still, we are glad we managed to run the event successfully and it's inevitable that if half the season is cancelled the other half will be busy.

    Let's hope for a clear run next year.

  • 300.56 miles. Nice work.

  • Not bad for a fat lad fuelled by beer.

    Well done @hippy

  • If/when it's official.

    Either way it's 5mi on top of last year's PB. Much better pacing, possibly a little too easy to begin but I prefer to be conservative to start and smash fuck out of the end than die in the arse like last year.

    Couple of 4:30am aero testing sessions to decide on a couple of changes.

    No FD this year and I had no issues with chain drops using the new 56T NW chainring and a bigger 11-28 cassette.

    Cooler weather probably helped coz I dropped a couple of bottles but the rain slowed me a bit.

  • Cheers. I put quite a bit of effort into this one (no, of course I didn't stop drinking or lose any weight). But I really didn't want to do another one to get 300.

    This was all off higher intensity turbo sessions. I did even less riding outdoors than I did before last year's race. Probably why I'm peeling the first layer of gooch skin off now and I still can't walk straight.

  • I'm peeling the first layer of gooch skin off now

    Obviously not trying hard enough. That should have been bonded to the chamois insert in your bibs/skinsuit.

  • You're forgetting who's gooch this is.

  • With hardened gooch comes greater expectations, young master.

  • I don't remember having issues with the previous version of this suit, so perhaps it's tighter or shorter vertically or something but it properly chewed a chunk. Got on the bike again today and pulled more of the top layer off which makes it look well tasty.

  • when will it become official? the suspense is killing me!

  • You must have lost so much power riding in those. All that squish every pedal stroke. Probably reduce the life of that zoom x a bit too it really doesn't last long. By the time i got rid my 4% the midsoles felt like running on a couple of stale pitta breads. Probably much better for cycling in by that point though.

  • So 40kmh for 12 hours? I just can't compute this. Well done @hippy

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Time Trial / Time Trialling / TT

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