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  • I don't actually think I have done one, there was talk of Newbury RC running a folding bike category but don't think it happened. Did 22.5mph for the BWC, so can easily see it being 10% slower.

  • Mersey Roads standings on Sunday morning

    I don't know the leader but Rimas going very well in 3rd.

    Mike Broadwith must have dropped out, also Johnny Shubert.



  • Close at the top of the women's race, record could go twice

  • I’ve been there for the weekend, supporting Toby Hopper. Provisional 11th with 459 miles.

    The two top women both went over 20mph. Excellent result for the conditions.

  • I need to have a look on Twitter.

    What happened to @wheels_of_fire and Shoobs?

  • Shoobs was going really well until early Sunday morning. Stomach problems I think - we were with one of his supporters, Jim Rees (4 x RAAM!), overnight - but I don’t know for sure.

    Is @wheels_of_fire Mike Broadwith? He seemed to be going well too, but I’m not sure what happened. Packed early hours Sunday maybe?

  • His wheels must have caught fire.

  • This seems to be what's happening with all my turbo tyres. I don't think they're handling the heat so well. Rubber sprayed all over the floor as another one goes to an early grave.

  • Jim Rees

    I'd never heard of him but while looking for info on Shoobs' aerobars I found his name mentioned and then bought his book. So, small world becomes even smaller.

  • For anyone racing Breckland 12hr, it looks like it's not the same circuit as last year even though it's called B12/3 again on the CTT site. The finishing circuit is different.

  • Good supporting reds... hiraethus, I'd been keeping an eye on Toby and Rimas' progress via twitter. Chapeau to both of them.

    One day I'll get my arse in gear and aim for 600km, but I doubt it.

  • Really nice and interesting guy. Had loads of good chats with him down at Ternhill on the night leg.

  • ;-)

    Rimas looked great on the bike, as always. Cracking ride from him.

  • Toby was aiming for 480 but having only ridden 1300 miles this year it was always going to be tough. The hot weather made it all the more difficult but once he’d recalibrated his target and sorted his feeds he settled into a good rhythm. Finished perfectly, reaching time keeper 3 at T+2 seconds.

    No PB (472 I think) for him this year but good enough that he didn’t need to commit to going back next year. We’ll be supporting Paul D instead.

  • I read that 2 riders have lost their lives in time trials this past week, tragic.

  • That's terrible.
    Does nothing to accelerate my comeback plans.

  • Yeah. If I don't get 300 next week I'm not sure I'll be back for another go.

    I basically don't ride outside in London any more. :(

  • A rider was hit by a car in Buxton on the way to the club 10 on Tuesday night and has a broken neck and two broken legs.

  • Offt christ. So sad

  • Jeez 3 in a week. Heal up 3rd rider.

    I think I'll be selling the Cervelo this year.
    P Series 2020 54cm Ultegra Di2.
    Great bike, I just don't realistically see myself TTing or Triathloning again -risk/ benefit is not in favor of keeping it.

  • One of those killed was on our club open (j2/9) - I did the same course the week before at a similar time.

    Also considering if it’s worth carrying on TT’ing

  • Have there been any rule changes in the last year I should be wary of?

    I think the newest annoying ones were the "zero audio equipment", "must use a tail light" and the number returning thing.

  • Just wear a mask and take your own pen.

  • Noted. Thanks.

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Time Trial / Time Trialling / TT

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