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  • Is the Breckland 12 running again? That's the only race I'd target and to be honest my desire to race anything is pretty low these days.

  • Thanks

    Ooh it's a Nat 12 this year? Maybe I should stop all this dirt nonsense and think about doing some training after all.

  • Ooh it's a Nat 12 this year?

    Yep. Like 2 years ago. And it's the EDCA and ECCA championship race.

  • EDCA and ECCA championship race.

    But of course!

  • The marked holes on my bars are all threaded and the clamps need replacing.

    It’s a long shot, but before I spend £90 on a new clamp set (including a load of bits I don’t need), does anyone have a set of clamps from a disused set of 3t Ventus ii bars?

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  • Just done my first 10 mile TT (actually first bike race of any kind) at Castle Combe, good job there are races every week until September ‘cos I think I’m hooked 😀


    Any other West Country folk doing these?

  • Done a couple in the past over the winter but it's a bit of trek for me, great setup though

  • 59.59, bet he's happy with that :)

  • I'm sure he was, especially given the course, general lack of competition and the temperature.

    Do you know the West of Windsor course? It could certainly be descibed as 'sporting', but it has been improved significantly in the past couple of years by moving the start to the top of Hawthorn Hill, which means that it's only necessary to climb the hill twice (as opposed to three times), and since the first ascent is now almost ten miles from the start it's not so hard on those who have failed to warm up properly.

    Even so, any sub hour ride there shows potential for much faster times on a dragstrip.

  • It is rather fitting that a spring TT is won by someone named Budd.

  • Hawthorn Hill

    That's the Fifield course? I've not ridden it for a few years.
    They've moved the start to the top of the hill, and so the finish will be at the bottom..? That will make it a bit better, although it would mean three times along drift road which would be no fun in a headwind.
    Slow course but I always rather enjoyed it. I often fit a loop round it in when I'm doing a training ride over that way

  • Thanks for the write up @clubman

    Not my quickest on that course, but as mentioned by clubman, considering the temp, wind and profile I was happy with that :-)

  • How long does it usually take for TT results to be posted, and are they usually posted somewhere other than the CTT first?

  • Can be a few days or over a week. Organisers can take time to check them and allocate prizes before issuing.

    Sometimes they appear on the TTF a bit sooner. Or the club's Facebook.

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Time Trial / Time Trialling / TT

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