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  • Cheers. That was another factor. It was supposed to be a goal even this year but honestly I entered it last minute on a bit of a whim because I assumed it wouldn't run. I rode the Shiv for just under 6hrs the week before - the first time it'd been outside for 2 years which definitely isn't the best prep for me. I'm not like Adam Topham who seemed to be able to do very well off only turbo sessions.

  • Couldn't sleep last night and woke early. Nothing really hurts, but everything is pretty "used". Blisters on my thumb which I've never had before are probably the most painful thing right now. Gooch isn't great, legs are dead. I drank Lucozade, iced latte, 2 bottles flav milk, milkshake, bottle of coke, leftover Torq before I had a lovely brown piss. Then repeated a similar drinking frenzy at home last night.

  • Beer is isotonic. I thought you, of all people, would know that?

    Well done on the PB.

  • Speaking of support, I had extra help which was extra helpful. Meant I could get more handups when needed and could drink and chuck bottles back so they could clean and refill.

    I did get confused when Greg Melia was handing me a bottle. I didn't take it because I didn't recognise who it was until the last second. Had Gill and Derrick from Willesden come out and cheer for the last couple of hours which did give me a bit of a boost, at least until I was out of sight again and could coast and berate myself and pathetic lack of stamina.

  • I was sober this week. No wonder it all went tits up.

    AF beer clearly doesn't cut it for hippy race prep.

  • Think this is the coolest pic from a TT I've seen...

  • Was that taken by satellite?

  • That cyclist is really fat

  • Watermarks can be removed. It's better to paint your logo onto backgrounds.

    I'm actually going to buy the pics from this. I'm really impressed. You tend to get blurry ipad/phone photos from support crews at best from TTs.

  • It does look a bit Mad Max

  • Maybe that's why it appealed. There's some other good ones in his collection.

  • Are there provisional results anywhere? How did skipper and Johnathan Schubert get on?

  • Missus showed me a list yesterday on Facebook.

    Skipper prov Comp Record with 326mi (https://twitter.com/Noaveragejoe88/statu­s/1290049734267281411)

    Schubert was 305 I think

  • Wait, that's hippy? How huge is that bridge?

  • I thought black was meant to be slimming?

  • I don't know, if anything it's so stretched it looks like dark green.

  • Look at those legs. Fuck I'm sexy.

  • Great pic. Screw holding that position for 12 hours.

  • Honestly think I'm in less pain today than I was after that 6hr shakedown last weekend. If I didn't do that I dread to think what state I'd be in now. I was off the aerobars on the finishing circuit a bit, but that was more to do with being totally fucked than any kind of issue holding position.

    Peak 30s of 355W was at 11h55m - probably after I got stuck waiting for 5 fucking cars to go past before I could pull out of the finishing circuit loop.

    I rode the first hour at least 10W over goal power. I'm normally very good with pacing but I guess being 5 years since a 12hr I let loose a bit too much.

    From 10hr my power was FIFTY watts off target power! That's a decent collapse! :)

    The last 20min, when I thought I could at least get a PB, power was back up, only 10W off target.

  • Just seen the provisional results. Not far off 300. And 33 miles further than I managed last year. Obviously if I hadn't done it unsupported I'd have made up those 33 miles and more. Honest...

  • I wasn't far off 300 in 2014... that's why I started looking at 12s again because it annoys me I don't have a 300mi ride. It's a long time to ride to still fail though. 10hrs on target and then POW! right in the kisser. Much like my 50:02, but riding a 25mi and missing a goal is a shit load easier than a 12hr and missing.

  • I'm entered into the National but I don't know how much slower that course will be. 300 possible on that?

  • Anyone want some BNIB Nopinz Aerocoach Flow Covers (UCI), XL, white speckles?

    Also have two Javelins I still need to get rid of - one large and one small(er)

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Time Trial / Time Trialling / TT

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