Time Trial / Time Trialling / TT

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  • first road bike

    Doesn't look like a road bike within the meaning of the act

  • If not allowed here, please delete:

    For sale: XL Ridley Phaeton T - Time Trial frameset with 4ZA Sphinx Fork £120
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  • Thanks all, yeah it is the start and end of the Breckland 12. They were talking about the 12 alot last night. Looks like Joe Skipper is doing it

  • Didn't see that, good luck for Sunday. I'll pop out and give a shout as live only a few minutes from the Wymondham roundabout

  • Cool. I'll try not to be swearing at something when I go past the top of the course :)

  • You'll be swearing at the road surface. The surface on the slip road up to the Wymondham RAB is particularly atrocious.

  • Ah, so hippy has ridden there before.

  • better or worse than a31?

    any clearer side/way? don't want to kill my fast tyres

  • Oh worse, and uniformly awful across the width of the road most of the time. But I did the 12hr on Vittoria Corsa Speed tubs, so I wouldn't worry about the tyres. Done a few 100s and 50s on basically the same course too, on the same tyres. There is a big hole at the beginning of the sliproad that I started hoping over, but it could be avoided. But mostly its uncomfortable rather than P-fairytastic.

  • Ok, will just have to suck it and see. Navigating moonscape at the top end of the Newbury course was always fun. I guess it's been 5 years though so maybe enough time to have built up a fresh 12hrs of tolerance? We'll see. I'll probably have taken a wrong turn by then and be heading towards the sea.

  • There is one avoidable pothole on the B50/B100/Breckland12 course which I hit Every Fucking Time. And Every Fuck Time I say to myself, after swearing loudly, best avoid that one next lap. And Every Fuck Time I don't.

    Oh, and you'll struggle to get lost. Unless you're a triantelope with a Wahoo fixation. No names mentioned...

  • Challenge accepted!

    To be fair, since I started using newer Garmins with the maps on them I've not had as much bad luck with turns. The 1030 is very slow to update its screen though so quite often I'll be taking the wrong exit by the time it's rotated to show I'm on the wrong exit.

  • My advice is don't bother loading the map. The signage and marshalage was excellent when I did it last year.

  • Might be Covid-level number of marshalls though? It's already loaded on the GPS so I'm gonna take it. I'll probably ride the course the day before though so I should have a decent idea of the main bit.

  • Congleton are running theirs on the J2/1 with online entry and a limited number of non-member spots which fills up in minutes.

    Buxton are running theirs (8 miles, lumpy?) which is open to all comers.

    Birkenhead NE are running theirs which is just south of Chester and open to all comers.

    That's all I think in the the south Manc/cheshire area.

    Was in Peterborough for work this week so did the PCC club 10 tonight. So good to be back racing.

  • Buxton had their final TT earlier this week, they're running a month of HCs now.

  • So, how was it? Hot, I'd imagine.

  • Just got home.

    Didn't get the 300. Absototalfuckinglutely died on the finish circuit which is most unusual for me. Combination of the training (2hr turbo sessions don't really cut it) and hydration strategy (don't drink, oh shit cramping like a mofo, drink everything)

    Should still be a PB and club record.

    With a proper leadup, maybe slightly less wind, that circuit is definitely faster and would "easily" see me crack 300. No results so no idea how everyone else went.

  • Pish on not hitting 300, congrats on PB. The finishing circuit is a total biatch. I didn't realise there'd be no neutral support on the finishing circuit (I've only ever done 12s without support) and ended up spending 2 hours on it. In the end I had to stop at the HQ and run (OK, speed waddle) into the village hall to beg for a bidon of water.

    How did you find the bumps on the northern circuit? Much swearing?

  • P.S. It was bogging blowy. Went for a 'Dutch Mountain' training ride this afternoon. Sorry, this 'avo'.

  • Well done, hard to go into proper competition again after so much of a lag.

  • They were annoying sure, but I'm not sure they were worse than the craters on the turn at A31. There was no going around and there were only a few bad ones. Of course I ejected my bottle on them. Previously I used to check the bottles because they'd always fly out but there was no way the Gorilla cage would let go... oh what's that noise? My full bottle skidding into a layby.

  • You went for a ride this avocado? I think you want "arvo".

    Yeah, I'd lose 0.3mph average every time I turned northwards. It was fucked. My pacing off the line was fucked. I need to check the power but my NP must be a good 10+ W down on my previous best. So the PB was just all the mods and the course, nothing to do with me making more power. I shot myself in the foot with hydration though so had to back off on C2 until I got like 3 bottles in me and then again on the finish circuit, but the damage had been done. I finally lift with maybe two to go when the PB looked doable and I'd had enough drink to feel sick again.

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Time Trial / Time Trialling / TT

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