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  • You're potentially fucked taking any kind of T3 to a UCI event, since it isn't stickered, unless you can prove that you bought it before January 2011

  • Lol good point. God I'm glad they're going to cancel it.

  • LOL 325mi -> 309mi -> DNF guy Joe Skipper is racing the Breckland 12hr.
    There's at least another 3 riders in there with better 12 PBs than me. So, not exactly a weak field.

  • I was going to take mine to the nationals, but getting picked up on it wouldn’t be the end of the world for me as I can just put the bars on my actual track bike (p3 is 2cm longer for the same stack, so suits my position better is all).

    I’ve heard worlds could be a bit more of a stickler though. If you do decide to give it a shot, you could ask on the masters track Facebook group whether anyone’s got a uci seatpost you can borrow/rent?

  • Is there a simple website to see what you gain through different depth wheels?

    My first thought in reading this was to chuckle and suggest the answer would be somewhere on the TT forum, but it would take months to find it.

    But I had a thought yesterday which was that some manufacturers who make a range of rim depths produce data on their own wheels and how they compare to each other.

    I looked at the Flo site recently and I'm pretty sure they have this. Obviously extrapolating from that to other makes of wheels has a bigger margin of error.

  • Anyone got an old ISM Attack spare (any condition)? They seem to have stopped making them and the new ones look like they’ve got enough bulk and padding to suit a hybrid shopper.

  • Which is the current model that matches the Attack? I thought it was only the Podium or Prologue that they stopped making, that's the one with the lowest padding and the newer ones PN3 use a better formed padding method rather than stretch and staple so they should be less bulky.

    I probably have an Attack in my collection. Not sure if it's in use/ever been used.

  • From my notes:
    PN1.0 (Attack)
    Length: 275mm
    Width: 110mm
    Padding: 25-Series Foam and Gel £135 - I own a white BNIB Attack

  • Ah thanks man that’s helpful. The website I was looking at didn’t mention the basic 1.0 which looks most like the old Attack. Could only see the PL and PS models which looked a bit off - I now see the 1.0 is the neutral version (ie not short/long!).

  • In other news I actually got out and raced last week (albeit our Club 10). Was so nice to stretch the legs, though the ‘no holder’ rule at the start lead to some interesting panicked clipping-in efforts - something everyone will have to get used to I guess!

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  • panicked clipping-in efforts

    Not looking forward to the first 5 seconds of this seasons hill climbs...

  • panicked clipping-in efforts

    I've seen a few of these, which given the two races and socially distanced queueing means nearly half the people I've watched starting. Everybody was told a week before the event that they would be starting with one foot on the ground, so I'm mystified that those who didn't have confidence that they could get clipped in before applying the first support-foot power stroke didn't spend at least a few minutes practising.

  • Put the bottle cage back on behind the saddle. Damn, almost pulled every muscle in my body trying to use it and that's on the turbo trainer! :S

  • Ha, yeah hadn’t thought of hill climbs! Wonder if we’ll see people start running mtb spds...

  • Is one foot on the ground required? Everyone did that I saw at the race I was at but I forgot to ask if you could trackstand...

  • Is one foot on the ground required?

    Yes, by regulation the only alternatives are "held by an official" and "with one foot on the ground"

  • For masters track stuff they're not bothered about frame stickers (and seatpost you won't have a problem with) but re:bars I'd anticipate it'll be another competitor that will likely give you shit for it, not the comms noticing necessarily.

    Short anecdote that contravenes the above:

    UCI masters world TT in Italy in 2018, they had bike checks set up the day before the TT for everyone to put their bikes through the jigs and give yourself the rest of the day to sort it out before the real deal the following day. Most people were fine, couple of saddle adjustments etc. (my bike sailed through thank goodness), but one woman was getting real shirty with a commissaire. Stamping her feet, shouting, the lot (she was failing the 10cm vertical arm rest to top of shifter rule, using mechanical shifters which is always tricky to stay within 10cm). This went on for ages as she would have had to swap extensions to stay within the rule, then I saw the comm take a little set of calipers out his pocket, measure her Vision carbon basebar for aspect ratio, declare it wildly 3:1 illegal and told her she couldn't race with that set of aerobars anyway, lol.

    My most favorite UCI bike check was a masters race in Indonesia - road bike only and I wanted to get on the podium so I wanted to make sure everything was okay with no post race dramas. Asked where the bike check was and got directed to a bored looking official standing in the corner. Tentatively gave him my bike (there was no jig or anything), he gave it a heft and declared that it was probably over 6.8kg so I was fine :D Came 2nd.

  • It feels dirty but I'm going to drive out west to get some shakedown testing time in with the ol' Shiv. I don't have the patience to deal with London drivers any more so if you can't beat 'em, drive into them with a bigger car!

    Will be the first time I've used gels for more than an hour and I hope I can still hang onto an 808...

  • Do you recall how "hilly" or rolling the course is?

    One thing I've not thought about is gearing. My setup was last used for the Welsh course so it's 57x23 or 21 whatever the straight 11spd cassette is. I'm aiming for 25mph but I don't want to cross chain like a bastard on climbs like I was yesterday (on what I hope was a much lumpier road).

    I think I might have a compatible 54T in my stash but it's not as sexy as my full carbon 57T

    Just "found" another DA cassette that's been on the kitchen windowsill for months now. I think it must've been off old race wheels, so at least I've got that spare.

  • Do you recall how "hilly" or rolling the course is?

    It's definitely not hilly. In fact, there are no real climbs, just a few longish drags. I did it using a 54t chainring and an 11-25 cassette, and I doubt I used the bottom three cogs on the cassette at all. It's flatter than the Bentley course.

  • Beautiful. That's what I wanted to hear. 57 it is.

    So sore from yesterday. Looks like spending 8 months doing turbo training isn't so great for actually riding a TT bike.

  • I did my first club 10 tonight, managed 24.42 on the B10/19 (slightly hilly) which placed me at 7th, first road bike though and was just over a minute slower than a guy on a brand new fully kitted out Factor Slick so am happy. Need to do some more training now

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  • I did my first club 10 tonight

    well doen!

    any of the north west testers know of any club 10s running yet?

  • Good effort. That's the beginning of the Breckland 12 hour course IIRC. Some of it, anyway.

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Time Trial / Time Trialling / TT

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