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  • I've still got the 12s in my list but I'm not bothering to train on the Shiv or do any of the aero shit I'd planned because I don't want to commit a pile of time and money to something that doesn't happen.

  • So I've just done a 24.35 10m on my isen, on an unofficial course by the A11 in Norfolk with alot of roundabouts. I've got a giant trinity (old style) but am struggling with the fit so have just been using it sparingly on the turbo. Should i wait to get a bike fit and follow a training plan indoors in the meantime? Does anyone know a good plan? I'm very green to time trials so any advice on how to train/get started would be great

  • Keep working on the fit? I like Trainerroad at the moment as it takes most of the thought process out of training plans. I have a coach but lockdown means I'm there's not much point doing that work and I didn't want to be miles away from home anyway (long TTs). For 10s, 25s and 50s you should be able to do most of your training indoors.

  • any advice on how to train/get started would be great

    For training, JFGI. There's more than enough advice out there, for TTing it largely comes to a consensus around intervals just above threshold.

    For getting started, find the club which runs weekly evening 10s near you and join them. If we actually get any events this year, ride the evening 10s on your Isen. This has two advantages; you'll beat a few people on plastic spaceships, which is always fun, and you'll find out how far down the rabbit hole you want to go.

  • Thanks, i have looked at trainerroad and it does seem to be good. I have a decent indoor set up so will start a plan on monday.

    I'll look into clubs, my main sport is rowing so a weekday evening tt would suit well. And i would definitely enjoy beating people who are in full tt mode on a 9kg+ steel road bike.

    How much speed do you gain from a good fitting tt bike to a road bike? (Might be asking how long is a piece of string)

  • how long is a piece of string

    Hard to say, since things which appear at first glance to be tied up with string turn out on closer inspection to be held together with bailing wire, twine, zip ties and gaffer tape.
    Competition records have improved by about 10% since they were last set on road bikes, but how much of that you can ascribe to individual interventions is moot - in the intervening period, frames switched from round tubes to wings, skinsuits got dramatically better, training and testing got more evidence based.

    This is why you want to do some TTs on your steel road bike first, before setting off down the rabbit hole. It's perfectly possible to enjoy TTing fully without ever changing to a different bike.

  • @cjr and me did the same power (within two watts I think) for the LVCC 25 mile lumpy TT. Him on a TT bike, disk and HED3, me on the road bike. He did a 59:23, I did a 1:01:51. He does weigh 15kg more though.

  • More like 10kg more now, but still a fair bit extra.

  • Sorry 🤭

  • anyone got a dash stage narrow to offload?

  • Thanks, i have looked at trainerroad and it does seem to be good. I have a decent indoor set up so will start a plan on monday.

    Current TR subscribers can send free month trial invites. I'm sure someone is willing to offer one to you.

  • Yes I can offer this. PM me your email @Norfolkbound and I can send over a voucher code

  • I can hook you up with a free month's trial for Trainerroad if you like. PM me email.

  • I have messaged you.

    Thanks everyone for your help, I'm going to start training and will attempt the same tt course once I've completed the first plan on TR. I'll update you with the results, should be painfully fun 👍

  • No one with a dash. want to try the stage narrow.

  • Pretty much. I did my clubs evening 10s on a road bike, broke my PB a few times and ended up winning the handicap trophy. Loved it.

    Also seconded with Trainerroad, I don’t think I’d ever been fitter for the season after I’d spent the winter on Trainerroad.

  • Before I ask over on TTF, does anyone have a cheap pair of 22.2mm alloy J-bend/ski extensions they are looking to get rid of? Whilst there isn't any racing, I would like to see how J-bends feel as I find the S-bends I currently use a bit uncomfortable on my wrists.

  • Have some 50 degree USE extensions and also some zipp 110 evo ones - both alloy.

  • Great thanks, what is the cable routing like for each and how much are you looking for?

  • Here you go,

    USE ones have an extra set of holes for di2 routing when used in reverse/high hands mount.

    Zipps are just the single standard port.

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  • I've got these t3+ on my indoor bike that i could swap out if you wanted them?

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  • Thanks - I like the look of the USE ones. How much?

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Time Trial / Time Trialling / TT

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