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  • Cheers, just PM me with the details

  • Apologies for spam but would anyone be interested in experimenting with a pair of 15º Angled Risers for PDQ, ADR, SELCOF / Aliexpress TT Bars?

    They cost £65 from Kingswan over on the TT Forum and are sold in batches with a waiting list.

    £40 inc postage?

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  • Going to sell my old P2.

    Anyone able to give me an idea on what it;s worth? Come with USE Tula bars, Di2 gearset inc brifters, not crankset ot wheels.

    Will also be selling HED Jet 9 and disc too.

    I guess it's perhaps a bad time to sell, but I need to reduce my collection of stuff.

  • Going to get a shiny Canyon tt bike instead? 😀

    I’m just guessing here but I’ve got a p2 of a similar age and when I was thinking about insurance valuation I guessed at £1500 for the full bike inc zipp900 H3 etc. It’s a bit disappointing because I probably couldn’t buy a new bike with equivalent CDA for double that.

    @danstuff has a room full of cervelo’s I think, so may have some insight.

  • Probably better off splitting. £800 for the frame set and gubbins, perhaps £500 for the disc and £3-400 for the front?

  • I'd be tempted to have that off you, but have no room to store it.

  • Probably better off splitting

    Definitely. It either needs to be ready to ride or you're better off parting it out completely. There's a decent chance that the frame buyer will take the bars too, but even that's not nailed on. Don't make the frame purchase a chore by trying to include gear the buyer doesn't want.

  • Tubs or clinchers? @skinny

  • @danstuff has a room full of cervelo’s I think, so may have some insight.

    Nah, it's not full of Cervelos. There's four Cervelos in there, but there's also a Hetchins, a Roberts (not mine), a Colnago, and a single speed bike Cycliste built herself on a Geoff Roberts framebuilding course. Only half-full of Cervelos.

    As for value, a friend of mine bought a P2 (old-style) about a year ago for £1500. Ultegra mechanical, with crankset, but with only training wheels. Had TriRig brakes though and those 3T bar/stem non-UCI legal combo I can't remember the name of.

    Now where's those golf bats? My fellow dentists are up for a game.

  • Yeah fair point.

  • Yeah I have to downsize my collection for that reason.

  • Yeah was intending to do seperate. Thanks for the ballpark ideaa. I'll photo and stick on tt forum first.

  • Nah. Just not it'd in 2 years and not inclined to do it anytime soon. And if I do, itll be long and I'll want something shinier. Or just use the road bike otherwise. I'm done with chasing times and aero arms race.

  • Sweet, I'm getting back into it all but don't have a wheelset yet.

  • Well if you want them let me know.
    The only issue is I dropper a valve core in the front wheel and dont have the patience to fish it out. So price would reflect that. It only makes a noise slowly, once rolling it doesnt move so isnt heard, so I just left it!

    11sp shimano. Corsa tyres on both.

  • Guess this is a perfect time to sit and while away the hours with a bent coat hanger..

    I'll drop you a PM

  • Yeah, I did that for 10 min and decided life is too short to spend any longer!

  • Does anyone know a Mick Ballard by any chance?

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  • Sold all but the frame.

    Anyone want 2 corsa speed + 23c. One brand new, other maybe 200km before I post on TT.

  • I did, many, many years ago, he must be 70 odd now. He was bloody fast in a straight line, but a bit one-paced so got dropped if the pressure really went on. Why do you ask? Have you got hold of one his bikes? Try tt forums, he might be lurking.

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Time Trial / Time Trialling / TT

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