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  • They literally mention 'no puppy paws', spoked wheels and no ear-covering helmets in the article hahaha

    Plus that bike and skinsuit combo is probably north of the £10k TT superbike price anyway.

  • Anybody want to buy a pair of angled spacers? Bought from aerocoach, unused as changed setup. 20deg, angled washers. These.

    £10 posted.

  • Really enjoyed the North Road Hardriders yesterday. Thanks for the tips y’all.

    4.75w/kg for an hour but only around 6th in the road bike category. Fast guys are fast (and slippery).

  • I have a Tririg brake on the front of my tt bike but it’s an old version and is radically un-adjustable. This means that i have zero braking power when I switch to my narrow rimmed h3.

    I’m thinking of fitting a barrel adjuster at some point in the brake line to adjust the cable tightness for different wheels. Has anyone done this? Is there any reason why i shouldn’t? Is there a better option?

  • There should be grub screws on the brake arms to adjust spacing - I switched between wide training and H3 pretty easily. Middle bolt:

  • Well done! Blustery day out there. That junior fella is properly fast

  • only around 6th in the road bike category

    'Only'? That sounds like an extremely good result.

  • He won a crit a Hog Hill the day before!

  • I think I bought my tririg off you didn’t I? If so the bolt must be there... I’ll double check, thanks!

  • Apparently so, so yep, it will be!

  • Super easy to adjust, just be mindful that once you do, the pad won’t be exactly flush with the rim until it wears down a bit.

  • Errr... well that was super easy, and far more adjustable than a barrel adjuster would have been.

    Now I feel like an idiot for blasting round roundabouts at 45km/h yelling “can’t stop... brakelezzz!!” all last year.

  • "All CTT events suspended until 31 May" apparently

  • All CTT events suspended until 31 May

    The flatter we make the sombrero, the longer that will be extended. I have a feeling that there will be no sanctioned TTs this year. Of course, if thirty people decide that a solo cycle up and down the A4 every Thursday night of the summer at about 8PM is a safe exercise, there's nothing to stop them and they can follow best practice by socially distancing from one another by a minute 😉

  • I was talking to someone about this the other day - a return to the olden days with all black kit and secret rendezvous. Thank fuck I've almost worked out the CTT course codes...

  • You say that, I've already received directive from CTT that a very dim view will be held on people trying to do so (I'm the club event secretary for Midland DC, couple of clubs in Midland have already tried to organise unofficial TTs - a member of the public threatened to go to the police because of what Banbury Star CC were planning to do).

  • The question is one of organisation. Nobody with any sense is going to be the organiser because of liability, never mind CTT's view. However, the time and place of a TT is a known-distance test track which has already been risk assessed, so it will be no surprise if one or more people choose that for a training session, especially now that they know they won't be breaching etiquette by doing so during an actual organised TT.

  • As long as I can still ride outside I'll be using the local road race/sporting TT loop for training! I really hope that we don't get fully locked down, although I have a pretty hefty commute and you'd be allowed to solo commute I'd imagine?

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Time Trial / Time Trialling / TT

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