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  • It'll only be 5 weeks before Silk Road, so it won't work. I need to think of option B

  • Well, what else do you want to do? Ping me a message if you wanna keep it sekretz :)

    I wish the CTT calendar came out sooner - I'm already looking at races next year but have to wait another few months before I can plan any CTT 12hrs.

  • I want to replace my 'ultra raced to death' Shimanos and was thinking of trying the reportedly more aero lace ups.

    Anyone know what the difference is between these two Giro Empire SLX (other than price):


  • Model year. The cheaper ones are the older ones. What the differences between them are in practice I've no idea. I've got a pair of the older model and I rather like them.

  • Oddly enough the more expensive ones are heavier and use Stainless Steel instead of Ti hardware. Maybe the Ti wasn't durable enough? There's also some difference in the uppers but it's all gibberish anyway.

    One-piece Synchwire™ upper design with thermal-welded Teijin® TPU reinforcement for precise structural support and enhanced durability
    XT2® anti-microbial fibre top sheet
    Replaceable heel pads with stainless steel hardware
    Weight: 185 grams (per shoe, size EU42.5)


    New Evofibre™ SL upper material, which is thin and seamlessly designed
    X-Static® Antimicrobial fibre footbed
    Titanium hardware
    Weight: 175 grams per shoe (size 42.5)

  • I've got the older ones, you might find them a bit narrow. But try them. The sides touch my feet by have never been a bother.
    Also consider the s-works with the lace cover

  • I'd hazard that the original Empires would be more aero than either version of SLX - too much texture on the sides.

    Could be bollocks though.

  • I think I read the S-Works are narrow. Cheers for the tip though. At least they seem to do big sizes in the Giros.

  • Under a shoe cover that's not likely to be much of an issue though? Certainly still more aero than my 3-strap Shimano.

    They're more expensive than the old SLX model https://www.sigmasports.com/item/Giro/Em­pire-Road-Cycling-Shoes/MPKA?s=1

  • I've got wide feet but the Empires all fit excellently (2 pairs AC and 1 SLX).

  • Ta. I'll probably just take a punt and order a couple of sizes then return. Or I could visit Sigma Sport I guess. urgh.. means I'd have to ride my bike :P

  • I've got size 46 which according to Giro is a UK 11. I'm normally a 10.5 in regular shoes.

  • I'm around 47, 47 Wide, 48 in cycling shoes depending on brand (and what I can get cheap).
    Normal shoes, I dunno, I think I tend to aim for 47/48 again depending on brand.
    Best bet is probably to go in and try some on. Might be a good excuse to get me out of the house on the weekend.

  • Does anyone still ride fixed? Got some big rings for sale on TTF but can do better deals for here.

  • Getting some drip fed 12hr info. Looking somewhat limited options for 12s (surprise, surprise):
    Jun 28 - Yorkshire 12 (laney Melbourne course)
    Aug 01 - Breckland 12 (fast when Wilko rides it)
    Aug 22 - National 12 (Chesire, 24hr course experience)

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Time Trial / Time Trialling / TT

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