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  • More camera motos...

  • Fewer cars

    And more hills/corners

  • Forum Medium Gear Record Claim

    My clubmate 'Staggy' would like to put in a claim.

    He recorded 22.45 last Thursday (11th July) in the Alton CC club event on the H10/8 course.

    His gearing was 49 x 18 with a 21 mm tub, which was checked. This comes in at about 3/4" inside the specified development. I believe his cranks were standard 170mm.

    His primary objective was the Hounslow & Dist. record which stood at 23.39, but we think that if there is no forum record, perhaps this would be a good moment to start one.

    Are there any other claims?

  • Is Staggy a member of the forum? I’d say that’s a fairly important qualifier.

    Edit: yes, yes he is.

  • Yes, of course, forum record holders must be forum users.

    'Staggy' is fairly well qualified with a count of 325 comments - so why did he ask me to post on his behalf, considering this is not normal forum practice? There are two reasons:

    1. I am my club's press officer, so I think he thought (correctly) that it was my job to do this. In fact he originally only thought of his ride as a Hounslow record and the forum record is my suggestion. I believe it is a worthwhile idea so far as the forum itself is concerned.

    2. When you have something good to report, it's better to have it reported by a third party. This is because even the most genuine achievements can sound like boasting if you report them yourself: this seems to me to be one of the functions of a press officer.

    While we're here, are there any claims for the 25 M.G. record?

    Another question: for the purpose of these records, are abnormally short cranks (say less than 165 mm) acceptable ?

  • Maybe if you tag him in the post it would help.

  • Thanks, good idea.

    My computer skills are weak (typical geriatric person), so perhaps you could send me a p.m. explaining how to do this?

  • Thanks, Hippy! I will do this if the occasion arises in the future.

  • Road the Alton CC ten on H10/8 last night, recorded 21:57 on 49x14 (93") it was like riding in an oven 33 degrees. Not bad for an old git of nearly 49 with a dodgy hip!

  • quick question and I don't want any answers along the lines of "it depends" blah blah blah just give me an answer in minutes. OK:

    if I'm doing a 10 tonight and plan to fuel it with a can of coke, when is the best time to drink the coke? i can't afford to fuck this up. tonight's TT could have life-altering consequences.

  • 45 to 30 mins before your start time. Caffine gum at T minus 30.

  • thanks dbr this survey is now closed to avoid further complications

  • it depends

    it depends

  • I'd have a third of it 28min out, a third of it 1min before the start and depending on availability of drink systems the last third of it at the 5mi mark.

  • I'm drinking half of it now, after. Think I got a pb by a few seconds...

  • You'd have got a PB by a minute if you'd drunk all of it beforehand.

  • Or puked at the turn....

  • Anyone want a Pedalsoft T2 stem? Basically a stem that also holds aerobars either above or below. Very adjustable.


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Time Trial / Time Trialling / TT

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