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  • Thanks Testman. For the record, I beat my (fixed) course PB last night, 3s off my (geared) SB of 2018. Little correction in case the guys at procyclingstats are watching

  • that was a good ride last night by you, thought it was slow with the direction of the wind and wet roundabouts. I got caught by matt Gibson (pro?) and he was on a road bike after 3 miles - most disheartening.

  • Yeah he got me as well. I was no. 8 and he overtook me at about 6 or 7 miles wearing 11 (of 11). I finished last but it was the hardest bit of exercise I've done in 2 and a half years.

  • strong text My bars were obviously not in that position on purpose, they had slipped and I was holding them in place whilst taking it easy for the remaining 6 miles of the 10.

    They slipped as a result of the stem bolts rusting and NOT because of the mechanical failings of either my dad or myself.

    As to the heads down comments, I generally ride heads up but put my head down intermittently as I struggle to keep my head in one position without getting neck ache and so the down position stretches it. My dad is the same; but neither do it for extended periods of time

  • That happened to me on my first 50. Made for a very miserable last 25 miles.

  • I was number 10, I just sneaked past you but I was cheating with gears/disc/pointy helmet/skinsuit/cervelo. I've no speed left to 'buy' even shaved my legs now my mtb mates won't ride with me.
    I think we spoke briefly post race a few weeks ago? I'll say hello next time

  • They slipped as a result of the stem bolts rusting and NOT because of the mechanical failings of either my dad or myself

    So it was a maintenance error rather than an assembly error. I'm sure @Colin_the_Bald will be along shortly to apologise gloat.

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  • ah good to see you on here! see you soon hopefully

  • Hi Theo, your dad can walk the 350m necessary to kick my arse if he feels insulted. He remains a thoroughly good bloke, but even he would admit to being a legend as a mechanic.

  • I’m not arguing against that. But the stem has had no alterations since the initial build, they just didn’t put stainless bolts in.

  • Well, you know what to ask for as a birthday present (other than that Merlin if he's still got it).

  • Does rust make bolts slip...?

  • Rust in the bolts will weaken the whole bolt structure so the bars wouldn’t have been held as securely

  • Hi Sam,

    Re: Tandem pic, some days ago.

    It's hard to get good photos when the riders are moving fast, so the hardest hill is often the best spot for photography.

    Also, if (a big if nowadays) you can see the riders face, a bit of pain there always improves the picture.

  • A bit late, but just in case you're still interested, here's the Hounslow 100 report:


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Time Trial / Time Trialling / TT

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