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  • I agree, HED 3 with 20mm Supersonic was fine, even for a 12hr on the shit show of a road near Bentley.

  • Don’t think my TT frame will fit bigger than a 23mm tyre anyhow, also got the disc and trispoke for low low prices.

    Besides, the pain in my arms will distract me from the pain in my legs and heart...

  • Also 64-65kg, so more worried about cross winds than comfort really, my most comfortable regular bike is an S Works Venge, if that’s any gauge of my tolerance to crashy rides.

  • you two are tougher men than me!

  • you two are tougher

    Or better positioned. If you actually sit on the saddle rather than riding like a triantelopes, you have much less load on the forearms.

  • I think you’ll find my position is pretty non-triantelope....! This error on the ctt website made me chuckle a little especially as they changed the spelling of Haden’s name to match the picture they’d found! @skinny

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  • Lol.

    Position looks good!

  • they changed the spelling of Haden’s name

    To be fair to CTT/Snowdon, they used the spelling on his registration, which is also the spelling on his Strava profile and on all the signing-on sheets I've seen him fill in at club events. Of course, if you know better you should certainly tell him, because he's going to look a bit silly if he keeps getting his own name wrong 🙂

  • I wish! Just not finding the time right now. I need to be doing really focused 1-hour stuff in my lunch 'breaks' (self-employed and work from home) but it's too easy to keep working because I'm up to my eyeballs RN.

    An indoor bike would be ideal but I don't want to be one of those people.

  • Anyone interested in a set of USE Tula aero bars, or zipp below the bar arm rests?

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  • Ed, I gave up with the tri rig. This is the current setup- bottles ready for HIM racing.

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  • What sort of price are you looking at for the Zipps, Ed?

  • was hoping to get £70, plan to be in west malling in the next couple of weeks to deliver if that suits and you are still around that way...

  • Will drop you a PM.

  • When I used to run, there was a site where you could punch in your times and it would predict what you'd do over other distances. So for example, if you could do a 10k in 42 mins, it would give you your predicted 5k, half marathon, marathon times, etc.

    Is there one of those for time trials?

  • 2.5x your 10 time + 2/3 minutes for your 25 time
    Double your 25 + 5 minutes for a 50.
    Double your 50 time + 5/10 minutes for a 100

    All assuming the same course.

    This worked well for me:

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  • Whoes doing what 12 hrs this year. Entered the team swift 12 hr and the national 12.

    There was is no 12 he on the a38 this year. What happened.

  • A31, do you mean?
    Rachel, the organiser, had a stroke. I guess no-one else fancied taking it on

  • That's the one, near farbourgh. Shame about Rachel. Organising enough volunteers for these must be tough.

    We had could get about 40 volunteers to help setup and run and pack away our clubs recent crit day. Probably a similar number needed for a 12hr. It's a headache but a worthwhile one. If I was closer I'd take it on. I'm in that organising mood after the crits went well.

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Time Trial / Time Trialling / TT

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