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  • That's probably it then. I don't think us youngun's get grouped, save for the Juniors whereas Vets have ages right, to work out how well you're doing again other old farts of similar age?

  • Have any of you Vuka Alumina users gone from the standard alloy basebar to the carbon Vuka Bull? A worthwhile exercise or not, do you think?

    I've hardly turned a pedal since August, and the days where I could make big time savings through kit, training or position are gone anyway, I fear. The bars on my fixed wheel TT machine are probably the final area where I could find gains without breaking the bank. Any thoughts before I chuck it and go back to pootling around the backroads?


  • Not worth it

  • Did you go from Vukas to the 3T Ventus?

  • I did. Technically I had USE Tulas for one TT in between.

  • I was thinking about swapping the Vukas for a second-hand pair of 3T Ventus. All other things being equal, I think I'd go faster on them. But having done twenty questions with a few eBay sellers, I doubt I could keep everything else equal - I'd be too high and too short on them; I'd lose my position. It'd be a hell of a lot easier if you could just change the alloy Vuka bars for the carbon version, and pick up a bit of speed-on-a-budget without losing the adjustability.

  • Does anyone know if the spoco se league is running again in 2019? I can’t seem to see the list of events for the year yet

  • I can’t seem to see the list of events for the year yet


  • 🤦♂️ How did i miss that. Thank you

  • Just looking at the 2019 calendar. Anyone know if the ECCA/VTTA events on the E2/10 are strictly for those members, or if they'll let non-affiliated riders in if the event doesn't fill up? Would love to ride that course this year, but the Lea Valley opens clash with track racing.

  • Think ECCA ones are strictly for member clubs. VTTA ones have always confused me as I think some let in non vets occasionally.

  • Just taken a closer look: seems like the VTTA events are just preference to vets, so you’ll have a good chance of a ride if you’re fast. ECCA look like a closed shop though.

  • Yep, I've ridden some VTTA events but ECCA ones, nope.

  • Only once all entries from VTTA members have been allocated, regardless of how fast, or slow, they are. That's why the VTTA exists.

  • Yup, got that - the “if you’re fast” thing was because I’m guessing the spaces for non-vets would go on LTS times, like any other TT? (Depends on how many non-vets applied to ride, and how many spaces there were, I suppose!)

  • Remind me. Can I race as a private?

  • Don’t believe so. LFGSS.cc is free to join and CTT affiliated though.

  • Can I race as a private?

    Depends what you mean by that. If no club will have you, you can form your own team of one and affiliate under that name 🙂

  • I think alex dowset has been allowed to race as a privateer as he has to race in Pro gear for the team etc, but think this is just in e region and is a special arrangement for him. Surely there is a club that’ll have you (the team i race for velolife.cc certainly would) and you might get a few club mates turn up and have a crack at team prizes?

  • Yeah I just like to do my own thing and don't really enjoy being with a club. Hence wondering if I can race as a private. It suits me better.

  • Just race as LFGSS.CC

  • That does seem like my current best option.

    BC affiliated?

  • @Velocio? I think so.

    Wouldn't you need kit if racing BC?

  • No idea if a race dictates that you must wear the kit of the club.

    AFAICT you only need to be affiliated and have BC membership to participate.

    I guess it depends on the level of the race. But since we reduced our kit to just a jersey with black shorts the entry barrier is low (and some may have kit to sell in the classifieds section).

  • I've raced under a club name with non-club kit before. I think many do because they might have an all-black skinsuit rather than a club one, for example...

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Time Trial / Time Trialling / TT

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