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  • Just finished marshalling my clubs 50 this morning. Marcin did 1:34:58, not bad for a first attempt

  • That equates to an average speed of 31.59mph

    Don't think i will challenge him :) as i am 10.82mph slower over 1/5 of the distance.

  • Pre-midfoot.

    You've just reminded me to swap pedals. Even freshly lubed one of mine is clicking so I'd rather use newer pedals than lose one half way across the US.

  • I'd definitely recommend getting some clip-on TT extensions for those bullhorn bars. They dont take long to get used to but they'd get you in a much better position.

    Another cheap but worthwhile upgrade would be clipless pedals, especially for the long uphill drags.

    Riding a TT single speed is probably fine, I haven't tried it, but I can't imagine there are many advantages over riding fixed.

    Also gearing up might help you sustain a higher speed - 52 x 16 is about the smallest gear I have ridden with (apart from medium gear events) and I find that it's quite easy to have a cruising speed of 20+mph on the flat.

  • Is that a new comp record?

    Edit. It isn’t. Poor effort Marcin!

  • I think second place said he did a similar time today than the one he did in the Charlottesville 50 earlier this season.

    Although not scientific, I can guarantee you that the day the comp record was set on the E2 was at least 1min faster than the Charlottesville. (12 mins faster for me)

  • Did my first TT tonight, Stockport Clarion club 10, on the J2/1. Did it on my road bike with spinachi style extensions.
    Overall it was a fantastic evening, it's the first time I've ever ridden a bike in a more formally competitive environment and it was great to tick that box. There was a tailwind out, which I tried to capitalise on and obviously a headwind back. Maybe went out a little hard as I was flagging on the couple of little rises on the way back. My position was all over the place, I couldn't hold a tuck for long at all, so was pretty constantly moving between tuck, low on hoods (triceps struggled with this) and in the drops.
    My time was 25:55, which I'm absolutely over the moon with, as my aim for the year, if I started doing these more regularly, was under 25 minutes.
    Next step is practice, on the Dolan Pre-cursa, trying to find a position I can hold for half an hour. Though I enjoyed my gears tonight, I'm looking forward to trying it fixed, even if it's just to keep @Lukas happy.

    Some credit has to go to @853Superfly for getting me to just go out and ride it, so cheers!

  • as my aim for the year, if I started doing these more regularly, was under 24 minutes.


    J2/1 is the course I did my first 10 on :) 26.19 on 86" fixed

  • Great time for a first 10!

  • Yeah, great time. Welcome to the never ending fight for time saving.

  • Thank you! 23:xx seems a long way off, especially with holidays coming up but I'll definitely be back a few more times this season

  • I'm up in Cheshire for a friend's wedding in a couple of weeks, and I'm a bit disappointed that it's right when I'm trying to get back into TTs.

    There are a couple of interesting looking runs the following morning; a quick-looking 25 on the south edge of the Lakes and a 50 in Shropshire.

    I'm not a big drinker anyway, and would probably need to either drive home from the wedding or get a lift back while my parents are still awake.

    Is it ridiculous to try and combine a morning TT with a wedding? And is it worth the extra 25 minutes on the drive to do a fast 25 over a rolling 50?

  • Do it. A few years ago I took my car to a meet at Gaydon motor museum to celebrate the 25th anniversary of it's production, decided while I was up there to also take in a TT. The only 'local' one was a 10 on a pretty decent course, about 30 minutes drive further north. The course was good, the 5 mile ride back to the HQ was along some beautiful country lanes, and the people were so friendly and nice.

    The drive home, not so good. 5 hours in one day in an old Mini is hard work, especially when it was trying to overheat on the way home. Wish I'd actually looked into that, as a few weeks later I had to use the car to go to H25/8, and split a hose on the M25 on the way back. Still managed to make it home, stopping every 20-30 mins to let it cool down before refiling with water :0)

  • Defo do it. You’ll never regret racing, you may regret not. There’s an extra smugness to fitting in maximum activities / enjoyment in a weekend too.

  • Thanks guys, I've entered the 25.

    I've got a friend who lives nearby, So hopefully I can see him for breakfast after the race, then get home and go out for lunch with my parents for father's day.

  • It is if you're me. I don't regain consciousness until at least 5pm the next day...

  • "I'm trying to stay hydrated..."

  • "Hydrate or die!" they said...

  • One of my club mates (not Martyn Roach) claims that he failed to win the BBAR in 1970 because his brother's wedding was on the Saturday before the crucial 100.

    It's still worth a try though!

  • @tommmmmmm have the old clip on's I bought over 20 years ago...... not sure if I am bendy enough to use them :)

    In other news.
    Wednesday night is 10 TT night. Rode over to one of the bridges and had a look.
    Met a club member as well, also watching.
    Watched the carry on with traffic.
    I wouldn't actually choose to ride that road during the day, and the close passing and Russian roulette of opposing sides of traffic trying to squeeze past riders.
    Fuck that.
    Early weekend mornings yep fine, road very quiet. 7pm -8pm weeknights still super busy road with traffic doing motorway speeds.

    Might try it once with a number, maybe.
    Will stalk the club records for tonights time which with the recent storms and weather should be fast running tonight as no breeze and low pressure.

    Some pics for a midweek TT fix :)

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  • Fixed rider :)

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  • I am on a bridge around the 5 mile mark.
    These 3 are on return leg and chasing and passing each other.

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  • Never heard disc wheel rumble until tonight :)

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  • Rear lights are required to run, and they encourage use of front blinkys as well.

    Wide range of bikes in use.

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  • On a random note, more suited to the perversion of the Hill climb racers.

    I weighed a brake block.
    I was bored.

    cartridge block complete 18g
    Hardware 6g
    Pad 6g
    Alu cartridge with wing/tab 6g

    Be super marginal gains, might knock 2g off it......

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Time Trial / Time Trialling / TT

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