Any boxing fans on the forum?

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  • Statements made by the guards. LOL­6aPZR3pxajVsR3pTeTQ/image?pagenumber=9&w­=800­6aPZR3pxajVsR3pTeTQ/image?pagenumber=2&w­=800

    Plus purses for the fights.

    Kevin Iole ✔ @KevinI
    Purses for #TheMoment: @FloydMayweather $32 million, @ChinoMaidana $1.5 million @AmirKingKhan $1.5 million @RealLuisCollazo $350,000

  • Lmao! Where did you find those?

  • Only 1.5m for chino? Damn, normally his opponents get 2.5m minimum.

  • Lmao! Where did you find those?

    On my boxing forum.
    Maidana is only getting that much because he was desperate and I guess if he didn't take it, Khan would... plus a huge guarantee and the undercard is big.

    The reason why he broke up with his fiance.

    Froch and Groves 2 ringside on Sky. I'll post a link when it's on Youtube.

    So guys, predictions for Mayweather VS Maidana.

    Khan VS Collazo

  • So guys, predictions for Mayweather VS Maidana.

    Khan VS Collazo

    Mayweather to win by embarrassment of Maidana, possible stoppage.

    Khan to beat Collazo unanimous decision. Although you never know with Khan, he could end up getting himself knocked out if gets in one of his usual hyper moods. Plus he is fighting at 147 now so he might be in for a surprise.

    Broner to beat Molina by decision.

  • I say mayweather ud. He could hurt Maidana and vice versa, but no way Maidana can win on points. Alexander, Khan and kotelnik showed his he can be outboxed.

    Mayweather can drop himbeca use he's accurate but Imo he will box.

    I wound like Khan to win because I'm a fan of his boxing, but the way he interviews annoys me so much, and collazo's humbleness madness me half route for the under dog.

    I have got Khan to win a ud. Not enough power to hurt Collazo. However Khan and the new weight poses questions. Can he take punches from a relatively weak guy? Remember he Hury Hatton in the 12th. If Khan had learnt a straight right as a first punch, that could be effective.

    Broner to get a stoppage for me. He's quite strong in attack vs outmatched guys


    for people needing a stream. It says manc utd stream, but its not, I assure you.

    I hope khan wins. WIll be interesting to see if his speed is still there

  • OMG cannot stand Adrien Broner

  • Anyone watching Khan?

  • This fight is on! Maidana is troubling Mayweather. Did not expect that.

  • Maidana really goind for it. Doing pretty well!

  • Mayweather nearly thrown out the ring. Gonna go full WWE there if they keep this up.

  • Phwaor well that was entertaining

  • Ahhh i want a re MATCH

  • Good evening morning of boxing.

  • Khan Vs mayweather in may please! He has a real chance

  • Is Mayweather teasing Maidana saying there could be a rematch on the cards.

  • Anyone got a reliable ipad compatible link to watch the fight tonight?

    I'm looking at you MinhDinh...


  • I've gone for ppv, but making a profit on the beer everyone's bringing round

  • I have an app called livemediaplayer its reliable for me i try get the to you guys. Also the sports section quite reliable­ia-player/id757791253?mt=8 heres the app link

  • I've gone for ppv, but making a profit on the beer everyone's bringing round

    That's the way to do it. I'm starting with a 8am breakfast meeting with my new boss tomorrow. There's also 3 hour time difference with the UK. Joy...

  • Lol at the skinny kid fighting now....

  • All ready to go

    Groves to KO Froch in round 6

  • Did you see that utter bulb Chris Eubank?

    Monocle, Louis Vuitton clutch bag....


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Any boxing fans on the forum?

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