Any boxing fans on the forum?

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  • Fancy it?

  • yep

  • I wouldn't expect the views to be that great there, but I have never been. Generally I hate going to fights, the views aren't good and often you end up hearing a bunch of ignorant fools chatting about boxing. The other side is, you get a lot of idiots who fight too.

  • I'd love to go, alas it'd be a bloody long way to come. Might have to push for a "business trip" and combine business with ahem pleasure.

  • You still working for the same people?

  • Currently not but I will be again in 3 weeks time.

    60,000 tickets sold in one hour is just insane. Did you guys buy tickets?

  • Didn't have a chance. Apparently they've applied for permission to sell another 20k

  • 80,000 people to be ferried out of Wembley at midnight is not going to be an easy job for TFL. Surely there's going to be tickets for sale on the day for a reasonable price

  • The Aura of Boxing
    Cross posted from the photo of the day thread.

  • Pac VS Tim Bradley tomorrow! I can not wait!

    Will Pac win again (IMO he did) or come back with much more fire now. Or will the boxer in Bradley do much better in the rematch as often they do?


    I also went to the York Hall to watch Prize fighter last Saturday. I met Erick Ochieng, a Stoke Newington Boxer. He won his first fight on that day but was exhausted and dizzy. They put him on to a stretcher!

  • My money is on bradley. Could go either way though, very close matchup.

  • I hate bradley so hard. I hope you are wrong. Headbutting emmer effer.

  • I usually say boxer wind a rematch. Haven't seen either spar lately but I feel pac can win still.

  • National anthems being sung. Im in Manila and the place is a ghost town. Everyone is watching the fight. I really hope the pac man can get the win he deserved last time they fought.

  • Pacquiao! He did it.

    I heard that crime in the Philippines during a pax fight actually goes down to almost zero in many areas

  • Pacquiao! He did it.

    I heard that crime in the Philippines during a pax fight actually goes down to almost zero in many areas

    That wouldn't surprise me if it were true. There are big screens showing it all over the country and most of the big cinema chains in malls are also screening the fight.

    I thought Bradley was poor he came to the fight with something to prove that he really can "beat" Manny but had no answer to the speed and boxing of Pacquiao. On that performance I don't think Bradley really deserves a third fight. I'm not sure if there's much more for Manny to fight for in boxing although he does seem to have some money tax issues which could see him fighting for a few more years.

  • There's a rumour floating around that he's almost bankrupt.

    He'll keep going.

  • He has had lots of tax issues \in the Philippines and even had meetings with the president and also the head of the Bureau of Internal Revenue in December of last year. I think he has surrounded himself with some seriously questionable characters and has been generous and naive with his money. It's a shame as I think he genuinely wants to help people.

  • He's a boxer. Questionable characters will always find boxers.

  • What you gents think of Eubanks Jr so far? Think he's as classy as his father is?
    He's been impressive so far.

    As for Bradley he got his tactics all wrong. Those poor overthetop dodging moves made him look amateur and the wild punches made it easy for Pacquiao to pick him off. (Just watched the fight for the first time today btw)

  • Round 9 so far.

    Lucas Matthyse VS John Molina.

    What a war! If you want blood and huge shots, this is a must!

    It's much like Brandon Rios VS Alvarado.

    #Phonebooth boxing

  • Sounds better than last night's Klitscho fight, which reminded me of Homer Simpson vs Drederick Tatum.

  • You get to see how Mayweather lives... as well as Marcos Maidana.

    All Access: Mayweather vs. Maidana - Epsiode 2 - YouTube

  • How did i not see this thread before, I never knew there were boxing fans on the forum, What a result.

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Any boxing fans on the forum?

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