Any boxing fans on the forum?

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  • Not me. I like AJ (as a boxer, not sure about his views on boy v girl roles) and Fury (as a boxer, deffo not sure about his views).

  • He landed more of every conceivable punch. Outboxed him, out punched him, had a better chin. Better singer too, I imagine…

  • AJ's head movement is, to be kind, sub-par.

    Honestly can’t believe how stiff he looks in the ring.

  • Fury is really fucking fast for a giant.

  • Even more impressed with his engine, a man that size with a doughy build should not have that kind of stamina. He was throwing combinations in the last couple of rounds with the same vigour as he was at the beginning of the fight. How is he so fit?! I can't exactly picture him doing road work at 5am...

  • Drugs.

  • Honestly waiting for him to pop again.

  • Maybe he's vegan / gluten free like the tennis players.

  • I'd be equally happy to see AJ win, just interested to know who is better. I'm not sure AJ has the chin of Wilder or Fury.

    AJ really looks like he doesn't enjoy getting hit at all. Which is a bit of a problem if he wants to mix it in the division.

  • One of the Furys was in the press saying AJ was never the same after his win against Klitschko as he had to dig too deep for it. Maybe he has a point.

  • Hard to believe that he was out raving a couple of hours after the fight with Steve Aoki.

    Not sure how accurate these stats are­s-deontay-wilder-trilogy-fight-compubox-­punch-stats--161138

  • Those stats are right

  • How is he so fit?!

    Guessing he built a pretty good fitness foundation in the amateurs and knows how to tap into that to perform now. I wouldn't rule out him doing early morning runs especially sprint work given his speed. He also looks to maintain a steady weight and wastes very little energy as he's such a relaxed fighter.

  • I struggle with “just”117 jabs thrown by Fury.

    Two great back to back heavyweight fights in a month, when was the last time that happened in this division?

  • You don’t think Hearn wanted either Wilder or Fury??

    Reminds me of the comments about Khan, neither him or AJ have avoided anyone based on their ability.

  • You don’t think Hearn wanted either Wilder or Fury?

    Why didn't he make the fights? AFAIK Hearn had a window after Joshua beat Parker in 2018 to negotiate a fight with Wilder, before Povetkin was made a mandatory challenger by the WBA. Joshua could have been fighting a legendary trilogy with Wilder while Fury sat on the sidelines, but I guess greed or arrogance stopped it from happening.

  • My perspective is if you look at who each has fought you’ll find where the balance of probability lies.

  • I'm not saying Joshua ducked Wilder because he was afraid to fight him. I'm saying that Hearn miscalculated, and robbed Joshua of the chance of undisputed and a legacy.

  • What’s the miscalculation though?

    Based on not much more than my gut I’d say it was Wilders team who the fault lies with. Hearn doesn’t strike me as overly cautious with his fighters.

  • Coverage at the time suggested it fell down on venue, a one-sided rematch clause in AJ's favour, share of purse, and network rights. Maybe I am being harsh on Hearn and it was impossible to make the fight, but if they could have accommodated Wilder on some of those points, then in retrospect they should have done. Of course, hindsight makes everything easy.

  • Fell down? sounds like it didn't get started haha
    It is incredibly frustrating that there are always so many obstacles in the best facing the best.
    That said Whyte vs Wallin could be a good match up

  • True! Different question would be who has come off worse from the fact the fight didn't happen in 2018? You could argue both would have been better off if the fight had happened, which is pretty damning of their managers.

  • This is a superb interview with Wilder's trainer Malik Scott­jSk

  • Should be pretty straight forward for Canelo tonight.

  • Anyone watching Yarde - Arthur? First round already better than almost all of their first fight...

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Any boxing fans on the forum?

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