Any boxing fans on the forum?

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  • Wilder could only win against Fury if he gets a different trainer, develops some boxing technique and an actual strategy.
    Which is unlikely.

  • This just isn't true. It's heavyweight boxing.

    One good punch and that's it. Night night.

    Regardless of who throws it.

  • Six months or a year's time could change things. Hopefully not and Fury keeps his progress and unifies the belts.

  • or Fury is bored, starts getting fat, and gives up, as happened he last time he became world champion.

  • wow - I've heard some excuses in my time and quite frankly I find his criticism of his corner pulling him out disrespectful and distasteful to say the least.­55

  • Pathetic.

    But now we know it wasn’t the ear!

  • Glad to know it was the 40lb suit, not the 270lb Fury leaning on him, that trashed his cardio.

  • Haha, thats up there with the shittest of excuses I've heard.

  • That is pretty shit tbf.

  • What a fucking hilarious excuse.

  • So we're likely to see a rematch this year then?

  • if Wilder occupied a brand new weight division from 195lbs-210lbs called Junior Heavyweight how many people would he be knocking stone cold and out of the ring into the cheap seats? There would be no-one weighing 260lbs leaning 6'9" of their bulk on them for 7 rounds and bludgeoning them. He would be champion until he decided not to be.

    Oleksandr Usyk would have something to say about that!

  • Wilder confirms rematch.

  • Now for Fury to retire. 😎

  • Reminds me of the time I beat a mate at Super Tennis on the SNES and never played him again.

  • My controller was always broken. And heavy.

  • @ordinata do you really think Fury is worried about facing Wilder again?

    You seem to be ignoring the evidence in front of your eyes. Fury at less than 50% drew with Wilder. Fury at near 100% destroyed Wilder. Wilder himself said there was no burst ear drum or balance issue.

    What strategy would Wilder use? Would be come in heavier of lighter? How would either help him?

    I would say the only chance he beats Fury is with an early knockout. But then again he landed two flush right hands in the first round and Fury just walked through them.

  • What strategy would Wilder use?

    Wear the suit of armour into the ring. Add a club.

  • What strategy would Wilder use?

    Having a lighter ring-walk costume, obviously. It's the only thing that cost him this time round, otherwise he'd have strolled it. Maybe a toga.

  • Emperor's new toga.

  • Wilder’s still got a pretty good puncher’s chance in the rematch.

  • Cheesewire thong perhaps?

    Perhaps Wilder has become enchanted by his knock out power to the point he believes he'll connect next time; of course he might but my god Fury must be a massive favourite. Personally, from a pay-day perspective, I think Wilder should have either swerved Fury and had a comfortable half dozen or so further fights against lesser opposition possibly picking up a belt again at some point should Fury/AJ relinquish etc etc or tried to organise a fight between winner of AJ and Fury to fight for the undisputed belts and get a final mega-payday

  • True - and any number of people on here might 'eat their words'; actually no one is disputing Wilder could/might knock Fury out in the re-match but the form line would suggest this is his only chance and a fairly remote one at that

  • Looks like Joshua's share of any purse with Fury has shrunk from 70% to 50%

  • Possibly a smaller share of a bigger pot now though?

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Any boxing fans on the forum?

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