Any boxing fans on the forum?

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  • Ruiz was about 40 pounds heavier than Povotkin was and Joshua managed his weight the same way for both fights. Think there was a pound in it.

    Call me daft but I don’t think that picking Ruiz at such short notice did him any favours. Hindsight and all that...

  • Things I noticed after around the mid-point of the second round:

    -Joshua's jab had no snap, Ruiz had good head movement and was much lighter on his feet, and the jab caused him no problems
    -Joshua was flat footed and was easily backed up, in fact he was pushed to the ropes for the rest of the fight
    -Joshua only moved to his left, carried his left hand very low (as @GoatandTricycle pointed out) and had zero head movement - all making him vulnerable to Ruiz's right
    -Joshua doesn't know how to see out a round when he's been hurt

    The last three have been features of his fights for a while, which become more obvious and leave him more vulnerable as his opponents get better, and I think Ruiz was a whole lot better than anyone expected. People have compared the loss to Lewis against Rachman, and pointed out how Lewis came back from that. The difference is that Lewis had a ton more ability than Joshua and was just caught by one of those shots no one gets up from- Joshua's loss shows the limits to his ability and flaws that will be difficult to eradicate. The most puzzling thing is how someone with such a big team of experts runs out of gas so quickly.

  • Your point was on height now its weight...?

    Yeah that's pretty obvious they made the wrong choice.

  • AJ has at least stopped pushing people away, that always looked like a recipe for getting dropped sooner or later.

    I'd largely agree. I wonder how hot it was in the ring. That's about the only saving grace I can offer. I think they might look for another route back possibly. Although given belt situation currently perhaps not.

    As an aside can you remain at elite level, fighting just twice a year?

  • I wish I’d been arsed to check the pre-fight odds, heard Ruiz was 25/1 which in a two horse race is crazy.

    I only got round to watching this morning (thanks @Señor_Bear for the link), I hold my hands up and admit I underestimated Ruiz due to his body conditioning but such a composed fighter, didn’t show one iota of being intimidated.

  • I doubt the ring was significantly hotter than other fights - no reason for it to be.

    I could be wrong but I just think he's found his level and he doesn't have it in him to vary his game. He will always have a big puncher's chance but, now the bubble is burst, there'll be lots of fighters who fancy a go and who have the skills.

    There are plenty of fighters at the top level who go twice a year. I'd just question whether Joshua has ever been elite.

  • Quite, just thought last 4(?) fights have all been at stadiums, was just a thought, as like you I can't see how he gassed so quickly.

    Yeah I've never been that sold on him but he has come back before, time will tell.

  • From a purely physical standpoint, Joshua reminds me of Bruno, too big and muscular to be able to sustain a consistent workrate over a 12 round boxing match. He is also incredibly explosive. His issue is that he needs like 2 rounds to recover from his KO efforts. He picks his moments and then takes his gamble, he either gets them out of there, or needs to enter survival/recovery mode for a few rounds during which he is very vulnerable. Eg vs Klitschko. He knows this about himself, it's why we see these periods of apparent inactivity.

    It sucks, it's not like there is an easy answer to the problem, it's just his makeup. He could try losing muscle mass, but that's easier said than done and rarely goes well for boxers.

  • He looked very dazed before the first bell and, after the fight, his dad had to be pulled away from Eddie Hearn.

    I wonder if there is any truth in the rumours that he was dropped heavily in sparring the week before.

    Massive respect to Ruiz though; he fought amazingly well.

  • Sky has put the full fight on Youtube...­Ujg

  • By whom?
    I’d think it unlikely they were doing full contact sparring in the last couple of weeks. The pros I followed would stop two weeks out, mainly to prevent cuts.

  • I read this guy:

    AJ turned up at the presser with a black eye and said it was down to 'a physio'.

    He's now said that this didn't happen though.

  • All a bit weird.
    Seems like the rematch is on. I’m a little surprised. Might not be in the uk either.

  • If there was a problem with Joshua, I think he’ll win the rematch.

    If there wasn’t, I’m not sure he will. Ruiz’s style is his kryptonite.

  • Fury was clinical last night. Deontay Wilder should be very wary of a fit Fury.

  • I don't get it.

    Looked like Shwartz nose went.

    I guess Fury won fair and square.

    Props to Homer Simpson!

  • Quick feet, quick hands, 6ft 9

    He could trouble anyone and it's heavyweight boxing so one good punch and night night

  • I've said for ages, Fury is an excellent boxer, and if it wasn't for the fact he is a gypsy (notwithstanding the homophobic stuff etc) , he would get more credit.
    The boxing fraternity are racist towards travellers.......Flame away, but it's true.

  • I guess excellent boxer means thick skull too.

    Gutted for Joshua's career that he can't take a punch like Fury.

    So much more exciting to watch.

  • Not really. Fury is a significantly better boxer than Joshua in pretty much every department other than punching power. He also knows how to promote himself where it matters.

  • Anthony Joshua, Deontay Wilder bow down to the master of boxing...

    Tyson Fury

    — Tom Brady is not a system QB (@DailySports_1) June 16, 2019

    Regardless of the level of opposition the quality of his head movement here was on another level.

  • great gif

  • There was another moment of class, when he was cornered and turned Schwarz.

    For me, Fury is better with his feet, head movement, commanding the ring, controlling the pace of a fight and coping under pressure, plus he has a range of punches beyond Joshua's wildest.

    Joshua is better at hitting hard...which means he will always have a chance.

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Any boxing fans on the forum?

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