Carradice Saddlebag

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  • Although I don't have it anymore, my Nelson had the same micro cracks to the white leather straps. Fairly soon after I got it actually (purchased new from Condor). I've always kept the leather nourished with leather dubbin wax, and never had any issues over the years. Fairly certain this is only cosmetic...

  • There’s no going back from that. Once the surface starts to crack the leather is weakened. I reckon if you use that bag every day you might get 20 years out of those straps. Add a bit of moisturiser and you might get 30 years.

  • Well, I like to get my moneys worth ;)

  • Fantastic. The straps that come loose are easily replaced (I had spares anyway), so will treat everything I can and hope for the best. Cheers.

  • Yeah, going to try and bodge one together as I baulked at paying £50 for a nitto one (which I’ll end up buying anyway when my bodge doesn’t really work).

  • tbh this is why I buy second hand carradice bags and not new ones, the leather is three times the thickness on some of the old ones and will never stretch and break

  • Whats the best way to support a carradice bag on the bars?

    cheapo solution is one of these

  • Mount the bag to the extensions and rest the bag against the bars?

  • 'toher way round. Attach the extension so its under the bars (i.e. between your front wheel and bottom the bars). Then attach the bag as normal to the bars. Rotate the extension forward enough to push the bag out of the way of the cable, and loop the back strap round the extension to hold it in place.
    does that make sense?

  • Yeah totally, thanks!

  • Request for anyone who might have a useless / ruined carradice pannier that happens to have this kind of cinch used to grip a strip of webbing. It's part of an old way they used to prevent sway, a strap that runs down the back of the pannier with a hook at the end. This clip grips the strap when you have tensioned it. It's about an inch wide.

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  • I need one of them!

  • Try cam buckle as a search term if you’re happy buying new. Will be a quid or two.

  • Awesome, thanks for sharing this knowledge!

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Carradice Saddlebag

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