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  • I'm quite tempted to order the print. I could see Pendle from my bedroom window for the first 18 years of my life.

  • Lovely patch that.

    Miss my carradice, but doesn't fit current setup.

    Anyone ridden with a Super C Audax on the front with drops?

  • I have. Quite a snug fit with flared bars (On One Midge). I've now moved on to an Ortlieb QR bag which flops around much less.

  • Got a bagman QR and the quick release part is very fiddly. Springs feel very weak and lots of slop in the shoot bolt bits make it harder than it needs to be to line it up and put the bag on

    Is this just what they are like?

  • Mine was similar, but just put up with it, it may have taken an extra 10secs to put the bag on, so not really a problem.

  • There is a bit of play on mine for sure, but nothing disconcerting like what you're describing (no rattling whatsoever once bag rests in place), and the springs feel plenty strong for their purpose, still after 6 years of use... I wonder if fabrication quality has gone down reading your post...

    Meanwhile, I'm still waiting for my anniversary patch... Impatient!

  • I'd say mines more like an extra 30 seconds of fiddling to get it on. No rattle when the bag is on but some when it's off. The springs are on par with what you'd find in a clicky pen

  • There's a technique. You get used to it.

    In my head I sort of rest the bag on the QR clamp using the lip of the adaptor bar that is connected to the bag. This is made easier by supporting the weight of the bag with one hand, from underneath, like holding a football.

    FWIW, I don't use the bag loop, just the QR clamp. Never had the bag come free in fifteen years of mixed use - on road and off.

  • Mine is like that too but getting the bag on works fine. Thing is the QR rattles offroad which gets pretty annoying. Anyone managed to fix this?

  • I'd forgotten how much of a pain in the ass it is to sew patches... I did a bit of a crap job. If it doesn't hold I'll ask the local dry cleaner if they can do it. The energy and money I spend out of loyalty to Carradice!

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  • What do people think of the lightweight cordura audax saddle bags? I currently have a cotton duck Pendle on a SQR system for commuting but think I'd prefer something with quick release buckles instead.

  • I've had one for a couple of months. A most excellent product.
    Easy to install and to remove. I carry a flask, food, camera, waterproofs
    tool kit, mobile phone all are safely stowed and the bag is rigid on the frame and doesn't sway on the bike even out of the saddle. Wish I'd got one sooner and it's taken over from my ancient barley.

  • Love love love mine. Used for commuting mostly.

  • I had exactly this with my bagman QR, the bolts wouldn’t willingly spring closed to hold the bag in place, similar amounts of slop and the springs felt weak as you describe.
    Bit of WD40 with PTFE sorted them right out and they’ve stayed that way all summer, I felt a prat for not thinking of such an obvious solution sooner. Might not fix your issues, but it’s a very cheap thing to try!

  • Ah yes, I have also used a dash of WD40. Only once, many moons ago. Never had to worry again.

  • Whats the best way to support a carradice bag on the bars? I currently have a small bag mounted just using the straps but my brother has gifted me a larger bag that I'd like to try but I'm worried about it interfering with the canti brake cable when the bag is full of stuff.

  • Also, this is the bag my brother gave me. Is there anything I can do to help sustain these straps/the bag in general? Bit of brooks proofide perhaps? Any ideas for the canvas, or need I not worry?

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  • I've used Carradice's reproofing wax before on a second hand bag I bought on here. Worked well and haven't needed to repeat it since.

  • Headset-mounted hanger for the straddle cable by the looks of your pics? I'd guess that'll sufficiently protect your cable. More likely would be the hanger wearing a hole in the back of the bag.

  • There is a less expensive wax - search for Gold Label Wax on ebay.


  • Is there anything to do for the leather? Or once they start to go is it too late?

  • Yours looks no worse than mine to be honest. Saddle soap or leather treatment to keep things happy as long as possible.

    Carradice used to do repairs, not sure if they do anymore. Maybe email them?

    A cobbler might be able to help with leather replacements. Or repurpose something from here?­ssories/?brand=carradice

  • Ah cheers, repair from carradice is a good shout (when the time comes). Will reproof everything, try and treat the straps and then use it til failure.

    As long as I’m not missing any obvious or vital maintenance it’s perfectly functional.


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Carradice Saddlebag

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