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  • Worth getting the support struts in my experience, the main bolt of my (heavily loaded) bagman sheared at the end of an offroad weekend tour

  • Thanks for both the responses, I’ll take my change with the mount then, I can’t see that I’ll be running it too full most of the time and I can use the support struts on my rack bosses!

  • I'd be tempted to go for an SQR one. They're a bit more stable and there was even (briefly) an off road model (the Glentress).

  • I’ve seen the sqr, but they don’t seem to offer much support on the underside of the bag, could this lead to “sag”?

  • The SQR bags (at least the ones I have) are a bit more rigid. They've got a bit more of a solid base to them.

  • I’ve seen the sat, but they don’t seem to offer much support on the underside of the bag, could this lead to “sag”?

    You need a custom rack ;)

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  • This definitely would be the best option ;)

  • I rode it down canals / gravel etc no trouble providing not over about 8-10kg, then it does start to bounce.

    Solution, fit the supporting struts and you could easily ride blue trails etc

  • Thats good to know! Most of my riding will be on similar terrain and anything more aggressive like you say I can add the struts

  • I used a Bagman sport for years on mixed off-road trails. Not problems at all.
    There's a nice hack I use for all my Carradice saddle bags and that's to loop a shoelace with a sliding toggle on it around the Bagman rail and then clip it to the plastic D-ring inside the bag using a cheap carabiner.
    It totally stops the bag from bouncing around on the rack.

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  • That doesn’t seem like such a bad idea! Can see how it would help stabilise the bag might have to give this a go.

  • Nice, that's neat. I just throw a bungee around usually if I've got a lot in.

  • Was disappointed with this on a trip last weekend. I dunno if there's some user-error? Too much weight in a pocket maybe

  • I used to do the same, but got fed up with not being able to open the flap until I'd removed the bungy.

  • Get the support struts and it will be. I've used the bagman qr with the support struts and a camper longflap on my fully rigid bike and it's been super solid. Main weakpoint is the bolt that clamps bagman on the saddle rails. Check it periodically if it's still tight and carry a replacement bolt just in case.

  • Used my bagman on my mtb years ago around the peaks and it held up. Had bungees on to stop the bounce but @alex_B's idea looks better!

  • Perfect it’s settled then, bagman it is!

  • Funny I had seen this picture posted on another forum when I was doing some searching last night! Looks like a great setup

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Carradice Saddlebag

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