Carradice Saddlebag

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  • Hello!

    Yes, we are making some extra Carradice and the book is still available on preorder – DM me and we can chat?

    Cheers (and cheers @Skülly)


  • Y A Welcome

  • Cheers guys, have messaged you maxl

  • I assume the aim is to deliver bags with books, is that right?

    Edit: sorry just seen your man said Oct/ Nov a few pages back.

  • As a simple visualisation, a Nelson will take 3 bags of flour in the main compartment, with space to spare. The side pockets will take two cans of Coke each with space to spare.

  • Remembering when volume was measured in beers…

  • Old Mitch Bowen with a carradice on the Supersix?

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  • I start the trend; they follow

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  • Only took you five years to catch up to me

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  • 🙌🏽

  • Talking of Mitch Bowen, I once met an Australian who pronounced Carradice as "Carra-Dee-Chee". Ever since I can't help myself saying that as well.

    (I've always assumed its "Carra-Dece" as opposed to "Carra- Dice")

  • @cagimaha has me saying it “carra-dee-chay”.

    Sure we’ll be picked as brand ambassadors any day now.

  • Always carry-de-chay on TNRC

  • You appear to be missing the joke. 60s and 70s cycle brands that adopted Italian- (or French-) sounding names to appear more racy. Plenty of us call them Carra Dee Chay for this reason - it’s a joke. The other obvious one is the top end italian road group Duura Aachay

  • Thanks for that es-kull-ay!

  • Duura Aachay

    Years ago I dated a Turkish girl whose name was pronounced Durache, it had a k and j in it but whatever.

    I had to show her off to all my cycling friends.

  • Vegan camper longflap custom just arrived for my buddy! Made by Sue.

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  • Looks good except for the colour of the straps, I think something that doesn’t try to emulate shades of leather would look better.

  • I think that's just the natural colour of the recycled fire hose they use instead of leather.

  • Ah? Did not know (more likely forgot) that, thanks

  • this is accurate, red or yellow!

  • Vegan camper longflap custom just arrived for my buddy! Made by Sue.

    This is very nice. I personally like the upcycled aspect of the straps, with their remnants of original lettering and numbering suggesting a previous life.

  • Looking into upgrading my luggage carrying setup and getting a Carradice saddlebag.

    At the minute I’ve got the super c saddlebag and the bagman expedition qr in my basket. From the reading I’ve been doing on various forums I’ve heard varying things about the bagman, is this referring to an older model as most posts seem to be around 2013/15.

    Essentially what I’m asking is, would the bagman qr be suitable for some off road trail riding, nothing major as it’ll be on a fully rigid!

  • The old one which had a black wire + support struts: Absolutely not

    The newer one: Some people say yes, some people say no. Your mileage may vary.

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Carradice Saddlebag

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