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  • Why a white rose logo?

    Because Yorkshire is the best.

  • Obviously, but aren’t Carradice based in Lancashire

  • They are clearly big fans.

  • This is great!

    What's the little clip at the top? I'm going to see if I can rustle up the spares to do something similar

  • It's a Lancashire rose; you just can't tell as it's an outline rather than coloured (though the heraldry isn't entirely consistent, the Lancashire rose often has a leaf at the 12 o'clock position vs. the Yorkshire rose, which has a petal at top).

    As I have loyalties on both sides of the Pennines, I will express no view on which is superior...

  • The red one obviously!

  • If the red one was so superior why did they make it white eh?

  • I would suggest just buying the Carradice ones, they look neater and more secure. Apart from the p clip the parts I used were all recycled from a POS BLB rasket.

  • So I followed the Carradice advice and bought the bagman sport, the smaller one, but find when it's full I am sitting on the bag as it is the same height or higher than the saddle. Is there a knack to setting this up or should I just get the expedition to lower the bag?

  • My oldest carradice dowel has cracked. Has anyone here replaced the dowel with another material?

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  • I did consider alu rod for mine, but then there's the faff of drilling and tapping for the fixing bolt/screw, so I just got another wooden dowel from local timber merchants.

  • I have a knackered wilkos broom in the cellar. Assume the handle is plastic coated aluminium. Could cut a length off that and drop it round to try. Going tip later in the week otherwise.

    Finding a suitable stick would have more of a rustic appeal...

  • Thanks @jontea & @andy_k on reflection I reckon new dowel will be easiest. Thinking about it there might even be some amongst my clutter already.

    I was thinking a bit of copper pipe drilled, but do like the rustic stick idea too.

  • My spare dowel was thicker diameter, but my day took me past Trafford Timber. A 2.5m length of 18mm was £6 but means I've got plenty spare for the future / anyone local who has the same troubles.

    Quite happy with the fix, added washers as the fabric hole around the screws has enlarged over the years.

    3 of the dullest pics to grace the forum.

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  • if you're feeling fancy there are lots of people on eBay who sell carbon tubes which you could use

  • Heresy! Carbon in a Carradice?

  • ^ & ^^ mine is Proper Old Skool Carbon tho.

  • That’s more carbon fibre than “carbon fibre”

  • Zipped Roll on 'roids. Nice.

  • I'm using a Barley with the SQR block. There's quite a lot of front/back sway, particularly going uphill, as the bottom of the bag sags down below the point where the SQR supports it. No side to side sway though. Has anyone else encountered this and fixed it?

  • Yep, use some of that stuff that use for estate agent boards, correx. Fit it inside the bag to stop it sagging. I actually punched holes in some and stitched it in place to stop it moving around but it’s not that necessary.

  • Yep...

    Custom amalgamation of an SQR and a classic rack.

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Carradice Saddlebag

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