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  • I'm not willing to switch to leather saddles just for the metal hooks.

    Yeah. The leather thing doesn’t bother me but just been finding the c17 so comfy I’d like to keep using it/them.

    Having a saddle with loops but using another means of attaching a bag seems so counter intuitive.

  • The non "all-weather" cambiums have a metal frame so you don't have to be into leather to get metal hooks.

    edit - looks like they've discontinued the versions with the metal frame, sorry for the false lead.
    edit edit - the C17 "special" in black has the metal frame:­special.html?cId=92-item-135

  • Bit rubbish that the 'Special' doesn't come in carved either.

  • Update from an earlier question On handlebar mounting a Carradice zipped roll based on this response (­)

    Using an cheapo Chinese handlebar extender thing works a treat! Plenty of space for hands on the tops and holds the bag that bit higher so it doesn’t get in the way of the light.

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  • ^ neat, may do similar.

  • Has anyone tried anything like the saddle bag supports below, one of which is meant to fit to "the seat post collar" the other which is meant to fit between the seat stays? (both found on ebay)

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  • That bottom one looks like it's missing an attachment point somewhere? (Or is it upside down and the rubber-wrapped bits are meant to rest against the seatstays?)

    The seatstay-clamped ones are meant to be ok with not too big loads, though I'd pad the clamps somehow. Some more pics of various saddlebag support types at:­tml

  • That’s neat, glad it worked for you!

  • think it's upside down. Thanks for that link, it's very interesting.

    Does anyone use the SQR, which seems to eliminate a bunch of the failure points that the bagman has, and costs 20 quid less?

  • I think modern bagman models (bagmen?) have fixed most of the weaknesses.

    Mates that have the SQR for commuting duty seem to like it, with two minor reservations: with long use it can start to rub/wear the back of the bag, and to get the bag on/off it needs to pivot slightly so it drops, which means it may not work for small frames with not much seatpost showing.

  • I use one nearly everyday, SQR slim. It's ace.
    I'm 178cm and have a normal amount of seat post, only minor issue I've had is taking it off with mudguards when it's full and heavy. If you ain't careful it'll bash your guard.

    I've not tried any other version, or any other bag with it, so can't help there.

  • I used one daily for years, and actually have started using it again last week.

    IMHO it's a good system, I never had any issues with it and if anything I don't know why it's not more popular. I guess the block itself is not very pretty.

  • As with @AWu-Tang and @Lolo, really like it. Have an SQR plus standard saddlebag on my Brompton, never really big loads but it’s been solid. No movement at all and minimal impact on bike feel, although admit I’m not out the saddle much.

    Only downside is that it’ll never look brilliant, you do need a fair bit of seatpost (and I’d be cautious on carbon), and the SQR rack that affixes to the bag is a bit of a pain when not mounted.

  • I feel like people are frequently reporting the screw in the middle of the bagman has failed but maybe I'm doing a confirmation bias thing.

    Bagman has worked really well for me for commuting with a lightweight bag on roads, but I wonder about a loaded super c on bumpier terrain.

  • Having now used my Nelson strapped directly to the saddle, on a Classic rack and on the SQR I reckon strapped directly and SQR feel pretty similar in terms of sway ie there’s a fair bit of it.

    The Classic rack definitely holds the bag in place a bit more but it’s not compatible with the new cambiums and even on the metal one I’m seeing marks where the tabs are digging in after just a couple of rides.

    The rack I made myself to work with the SQR block was good but not strong enough.

    I think when I get some time I might see if I can semi permanently attach the Classic rack to the SQR rack.

  • Seems like wizwo are gauging interest for a potential clandestine cycles seatbag support collaboration?

    If you can't tell by my recent posts I'm trying to work out the best Carradice support and going back and forth between:

    • bagman expedition
    • sqr block
    • Just getting a pannier rack and using that as a support
    • other

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  • I still like the idea of a light rack as a support, Fly being favourite.

  • Bagman qr with the separately offered support struts has been rock solid for me. Cycling singletrack with a fully loaded camper longflap feels great and the quick release is usefull as well.

  • Can anyone on here make use of these leather straps that came with my Carradry saddle bag? I ordered it there seemed to leather bits anywhere but they managed to sneak them in.

    Unless you are in Plymouth I am asking for the postage cost only

  • Here's a pic

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  • Ohh yes please! Will PM

  • PM received and replied to

  • I’m guessing you’re vegan? If you give them a bell they’ll make one for you without leather product. The did for me anyway.

  • Was wondering if anyone had any advice...

    I can't put a bagman QR on my saddle rails as I have them slid all the way back (otherwise I get tendonitis) - I've also got an inline seatpost...

    I got an SQR fitting the other day and that works but to be honest the bag is incredibly saggy as a result of it no longer being supported from the bottom...

    Has anyone else encountered this problem?

    I thought about a forward facing seatpost but the seatpost size is 30.8 so a relatively rare size...

  • IIRC, the most common approach is to line the inside with a sheet of correx (estate agent sign) material to give it shape.

    I don't bother with that on mine because it's full and I don't care about any sag, it's not like I can see it.

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Carradice Saddlebag

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