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  • Tried those (or similar) and it meant it buzzed on the tyre as it sat that little too low, and I couldn’t cinch it tight enough to not rotate round when loaded and riding.

  • Yes, I see no reason why that shouldn't work. Assuming you've got the handlebar bit, then you'll want something like this:­n-kaul-basket-fixing-plate/

    combined with this method, as seen on YACF:­=81400.0

  • Good shout! Think I have most of the parts for something like that knocking around in the spares box. Definitely worth a try.

  • That looks like it fits the bill perfectly, thanks!

  • Found the limit of my bagman expedition support this weekend, luckily only 8km or so from home. The bolt holding the plates either side of the saddle rails sheared clean in two.
    I don't think the bag was over-loaded, but it had been a weekend of fairly rough riding. I'll definitely be using the support struts in the future.

    Bottle of henry westons survived.

  • Bottle of henry westons survived


  • my local indie supermarket sells upso bags, only just learned who is behind them.

    All of the bags are sewn in the Carradice factory in Nelson, northern England. Each bag is signed by its maker.­-carradice/amp/

    A new name list needed?

  • ^ Worth noting Carradice can use fire hose on their non-UPSO range too, in place of leather. Special order, but may appeal to anyone who'd rather not use animal products or would rather support reuse/recycling.

  • And the bolt on mine pulled the threads through yesterday eve! Gutted but glad it happened at home changing saddles rather than on tour.

    Do carradice still offer support struts?

  • Anyone used a classic rack on a saddle without loops by using some bolt on loop arrangement?

    I stuck a classic rack in when I was ordering some tools from Spa and first impressions are good.

    Thing is, I’d like to use my bag on both on bikes with and without brooks saddles. Taking the bag of the classic rack and putting it onto the SQR frame seems like a lot of faff.

    I imagine the rack would sit at the wrong angle maybe but supposedly it sits at the ‘wrong’ angle on a cambium but I think it looks fine.

  • Carradice have you covered! Would this:­dle-fixing-systems/saddlebag-clamp

    Or this:­dle-fixing-systems/cyclo-loops-saddle-ra­il-bolt-on-pair

    work with your saddle?

    No comment on looks, but I’m sure they are functional as all things Carradice are!

  • Aye, that’s the things I mean.

    Just not sure how well the rack’ll work with them.

  • Can’t comment on how they play with the classic rack, but the cyclo loops put a bag ever so slightly lower than on a brooks, so imagine it’d be ok, maybe angled a little bit down overall?

  • Cool, might work. The rack has a bar that rests against the saddle rails though so if its too low then that might not sit in the right place.

    Maybe I'll just have to buy a Cambium for the bike that's not got one.

  • The rack has a bar that rests against the saddle rails though so if its too low then that might not sit in the right place.

    Unless it's miles clear, inner tube or whatever wrapped round the bar of the rack (or alternatively round the saddle rails) as a spacer should get it in the right place.

  • Thinking about getting a Carradice for my commute. Probably a Barley or similar sized one. I wear scrubs at work so only really need to take lunch, pants, socks, occasionally an iPad, pens and a notebook. What are people's thoughts on the SQR vs Bagman QR system for stability? Won't be doing much off road on my commute, but it's very steep so have to ride out of the saddle a lot.

  • I’ve got both, SQR on the Brompton so it doesn’t impact the fold and Bagmans on the “proper” bikes. Both of these are used with the traditional saddle bags rather than the SQR specific bags although the SQR mounting is the same.

    Never had then overloaded, and can’t tell any difference to be honest. I do feel the bagman sways a little bit more and does flex when pushed, unlike the SQR which is solid no matter what but that’s when loading/unloading rather than riding.

    If you’re carrying the bag a lot the bagman is neater as there isn’t the metal frame on the bag itself, as is the case with the sqr. If you’ve got a carbon post I’d possibly avoid the SQR, it carbon saddle rails then I’d avoid the bagman!

  • Bagman qr with a ball bungee to secure bag to seat post has been my commuting setup for ages with a super c audax. Has been great for on road.

  • Cambium + Carradice Classic rack = No Dice.

    Bag and rack total weight was 3.5kg so hardly overloaded.

    Luckily this happened as I rolled my bike off the +/- 2" step outside my flat not while I was riding.

    The way they snapped makes me beleive that had I had the bag strapped directly to them they may still have failed at some point during my ride today so I'm very glad the rack maybe accelerated the failure.

    I bought this as an 'All Weather' saddle but I think they all have this fibreglass cantle plate now and only special edition models have the metal ones.

    I fitted my older C17 with the metal plate and did the ride I had planned with the bag on the rack and it was fine.

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  • Damn. 3.5kg is not much at all. I was considering looping my super C through my cambium but I guess I better not. Carradice site does mention that it's for 'metal' bag loops but not something I noticed until I went looking just now.

    Has two strap mount positions to accommodate a wide range of bag sizes.
    The new Classic Rack is based on a vintage design which has been re-engineered to allow it to securely fit Brooks, Rivet and similar saddles with metal bag loops. In keeping with Carradice’s ethos, the new Classic Saddlebag Rack is manufactured entirely in Lancashire by one of our trusted suppliers.

  • I didn’t even realise the black base plates were plastic until I broke it. Presumed it was painted/anodised ali.

  • Hadn't noticed they'd changed to plastic. I used a classic rack for a good few years on my metal one. Left some hefty dents in the aluminium, but never looked like it'd fail.

  • Yeah I hadn't considered it at all. Kind of disappointing really but I'm not willing to switch to leather saddles just for the metal hooks. Guess I better invest in a bagman QR.

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Carradice Saddlebag

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