Carradice Saddlebag

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  • Thats good to know, I'll get the plastic first then.

    Thanks everyone. Will report back

  • FYI I have a cadet with a thin sheet of ply bolted into the base. I wasn’t sure about when it arrived but it does lend structure.

  •­ustom-Saddle-Bag-Mount-for-50cm-Surly-Cr­oss-Check/164298900707?hash=item2640fa44­e3:g:phgAAOSw8lZfFdPx dunno if anyone here would be interested in this, maybe +M_V just to see its construction or maybe +plasticniki could make use of it as I recall they were looking for a support for a small bike.

    Just an interesting custom support.

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  • You could try HDPE sheeting of 1mm or so thickness. That was what I was advised. I ordered some from Direct It would need some kind of riveting or securing though I think

  • Looks nice but pricey, though I suspect it's quite heavy, and I'm not sure I'd trust a quick release that relied on a single threaded connection.

  • I feel like they'll have to accept a lower offer, looking at the way it's made it really really won't fit any other bikes except a size 50 cross check with the saddle at exactly that height (unless you have a load of meccano maybe)

  • Spotted that.

    Nice but given that it fits one particular size of one particular model of bike, requires a specific seatclamp and limits the seat heights that can be used, I doubt it'll sell at any price.

  • Has anyone used the Carradice repair kits - how big a piece of duck do they give you? I've got a couple of bags to fix, so was wondering whether I'd be better off just getting some Copydex and a big piece of duck myself.

  • I've used one of their patches. Seems ok, though I've not ridden in the rain with it. Not because I'm worried, just which bike it's on.

  • Got a kit years ago, but cannot remember how big the piece of cloth was. It certainly was big enough for my purposes, and has held up so far.

  • Anyone have any experience with the bike packing handlebar bar? Can't find many reviews on it

  • Bodge suggestions for these struts/Bagman? Need to stop it bouncing around. Can't order parts online or the official struts as they won't get here in time (unless I get something off Amazon which I'd rather avoid). There are Wickeses etc. within riding distance though.

    (the little silver ones probably won't work, there's no way to tighten them down onto the struts)

    I have bolts, nuts, zip ties, duct tape, hose clamps, etc.

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  • bungy through leather loop and back to seat stays?

  • I take it you haven't got any of those nifty connectors from a tortec rack knocking about? I've used them and p clips to make my own version. LBS has a box of old rack hardware so you might have luck with yours.

  • Just measured - 40 x 15cm

  • Or bodge something with a tent peg, cable ties and maybe bit of inner tube to increase friction/grip at the joins. If it's only temporary and not really load bearing...

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  • I can bodge something together with my rack hardware like this, but it's a bit silly and my p clips are too big.

    Main concern is the bag bouncing around levering on the saddle rails causing saddle/seatpost to slip or I guess eventually break. So I think if I can bodge it so the struts to take most of that force then I'll be happy.

    I like the rod solution - looks sturdy - but not sure the cable ties would withstand a good whack from the bag

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  • That's pretty much exactly the set up I had. I had smaller p clips but even then I had to pack them out with some bits of rubber.

    Someone on here had a good solution where they attached the rack hardware so the bagman was running through the hole, flattened and drilled the stays and attached them to the bolts directly (the one attached to the p clip currently).

    As an anecdotal data point: I used it for quite some time without a support fully loaded. Didn't seem to do any damage to the saddle rails, but the steel bagman loop seemed to bend over time and got a bit droopy. I think mainly at the 90* bend at the top.

  • Fish mouth a piece of pvc pipe so that it fits against seat post, thread long strap/bungee through leather tab on bag, through pipe, around seat post, back through pipe, through leather tab and snug up so that it functions as both stand-off and stabilizer.

  • Here's what I've done after finding some slightly smaller P clips. Thanks for suggestions @nejib @withered_preacher

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  • a top bodge for sure

  • Has anyone tired/seen any way of fixing a KlikFix handlebar joint to a small Carradice saddlebag (ideally so it could still be attached to a saddle)? Looking for a way to space out a zipped roll from some drops so I can still use the tops, add a bit of rigidity so it doesn’t flop into the wheel, and is easy on/off for stops.

    Not keen on buying another bag, or spending too much if there’s a bodge out there.

  • Handlebar spacers will help keep it away from the tops in a cheap and easy fashion, but won’t help with the easy on-off­essories/handlebar-spacers-for-saddlebag­s

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Carradice Saddlebag

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