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  • Has anyone got the Low Saddle Longflap?

    I occasionally find my Barley a touch small and am wondering about how the LSLF would be instead.

  • I've always considered the Barley to be the gateway drug on the pathway that eventually leads to the Camper. I like that the Lowsaddle adds 4cm in depth which wasn't being used before, plus the extra width.

  • And the long flap for options...

  • Assumed that was the major draw.

  • When I got my Barley I also ordered some extra leather straps to use on the cape loops, but didn't check the measurements, and ended up with some long (50cm?) ones. This means that I can strap a jacket to the top and still have enough strap hanging loose that I can run the tail end to the bag's buckles as a kind of poor man's longflap. I wouldn't want to do it in bad weather or with lots of small items, but I've managed to over-stuff the bag and carry a surprisingly large amount of crap that way.

  • Hang on. Cape loops?

  • At the smaller end, still the best use I've found for my zipped roll.

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  • The metal bits on top of the bag - for the strapping on of your rain cape.

  • Well well well. Lives and learns.

  • (I've since acquired a Nelson, a Camper, some Super C panniers and a bar bag, which would lend credence to @withered_preacher's 'gateway drug' theory...)

  • My rather nice 70s carradice bag (without side pockets, presumably a cadet or junior) was stolen along with the brooks flyer it was attached to (rookie error) from outside my flat in Leyton the other night.

    It’s probably just been dumped somewhere as obvs the saddle was the target, but on the off chance anyone comes across it, do let me know! Cat looks suspicious but has been removed from enquiries.

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  • A double hit, sorry to hear that.

  • @BobbyBriggs, that's a f*cker. I'm passing through E10 tomorrow so will keep my eyes peeled.

  • Looking for a used super c saddlebag, the smaller audax verison, if anyone has one they're looking to sell on.

    Was thinking I'd run it up front as a handlebar bag, to match the super c saddlebag that I use on the back. Anyone tried this?

  • What's your handlebar width/style?
    They're listed at 28cms so should fit between most bars but height from tire would also be a factor. Do you run fenders? Steel/alu/plastic? Do you have a rack/decaleur up front?

  • I'm running one as a bar bag, using a Klickfix bracket. Just fits nicely between my Midge bars. The 28cm width quoted doesn't include the side pockets.

  • 28cm width quoted doesn't include the side pockets

    was wondering

  • Ah, useful to know. Have a spare klickfix too. Did you find it swayed too much just strapped on with the regular straps?

    Height etc should be fine, frame has plenty of space above tyre, its more the stability I was wondering about - whether it would wobble around like crazy without a rack/mount. Have a front cargo rack on normally, but hoping to use it without that

  • I went with the Klickfix for ease, ensuring space to hold the bars along the tops, and height (using the straps it was too low and buzzed the tyre.

  • @Squaredisk sent me an unwanted bag of his, after mine was stolen (above!) What a gent. I've made a small forum donation. Love you guys.

    As for the thief - I've set up a little cctv camera focused on the bike and no doubt he'll be back once he sees there's a replacement saddle (less nickable but hopefully will be enough of a lure to get a good image of him on the camera as he checks it out). My replacement saddlebag will remain indoors...

  • Has anyone added rigidity to their bags with a bit of plastic sheeting?

    I'm thinking of riveting some in

  • Yes, on the Barley - an A4 sheet of correx is just the right size to put inside, & it fits snugly enough not to need riveting. For bigger bags I'd get an A3 sheet and cut it down.

  • @withered_preacher I think has mentioned this along with others using that estate agent sign material.

    Edit: correx. Beaten to it.

  • Yep, coroplast as it’s called out here, also more recently found that cut up krazy karpets (plastic sled) work well too.
    Anything semi-rigid, even thin baltic birch for your eroica ride.

  • Works okay just well-fitted too if you don’t want to immediately commit to holes in the seat bag.

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Carradice Saddlebag

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