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  • Bought a Sue Super C Bar Bag from the factory shop on eBay. Supposedly one of the buckles is a bit wonky, but I don't see it. The only minor annoyance is that the map case is only big enough for a single fold of an OS map; if you use a double fold, it doesn't attach to the top properly. Suspect it could be bodged with extra webbing, so will investigate.

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  • I got one of those speedy stitcher things from amazon? Nice low tech portable way to attach webbing patches etc to things. I use it all the time now.

  • Yep, saves wear and tear on the hands too.

  • Where does one fint the name?

  • Should be signed on the product label inside.

  • Thanks, I'll double check mine when I get home

  • Spotted this on the gram today...seems to be well designed and built by nitto too.

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  • That's good. The carradice version is frustrating in potentially forcing a change in saddle setback, this seems a neat solution.

  • After a bit of research it's available at tokyobike bit pricey sadly

  • Thinking of buying a 9l Audax Bag just for daily rides. typically to carry a pump, tubes, couple tools, a warm layer and a few snacks and what other crap I can ride with. Will most likely try and mount it without a support for now. Change my mind...

  • Get a support, they aren't the most rigid of bags.

  • QR support is worth every penny IMO

  • Or get a frame bag if you're riding big enough frames to fit all this.

  • Have the support on mine but only use it for tours, daily commuting i use the qr without the support.

  • After a few folk asked about my Rixen & Kaul mod, I took some pics of my Carradice and put them in my story highlights on Instagram.

  • Is there a cheap support available? Bit picky about the quick release. Alternatively , I could use a front canti rack and mount to bars maybe ? This would depend on height of bars etc though.

    Frame bag isn’t a bad shout actually.

  • I've had the Audax as a front bag, sat on a nitto M18 rack, velcro loops round the bars, it works, still saggy though (unless stuffed full). You could always put a piece of HDPE sheet in the bottom. Frame bag is a good shout.

  • Bit picky about the quick release


  • My Barley (which is effectively the same bag as the Audax) was fine without a support, though I did put an A4 sheet of correx in the bottom of it to stiffen it up. I eventually switched to a Carradice Classic Rack support for the QR functionality; on my tourer I have a Camper Longflap with the QR clamp (no support) - the bag rests on my rear rack.

  • Not a lot of love for the SQR system in this parish for some reason. Is it because it's a bit unsightly?

  • Oh I do like my SQR + bagman. It’s pretty heavy though. The carradice bag itself isn’t exactly a lightweight either. I don’t mind the heft if I’m carrying loads of things but for a day’s ride a framebag seems a bit more nimble if that makes sense.

  • I was going to say because it is is bulky under the saddle but I’m getting confused with ortlieb mounting, the Carradice bagman looks rather tidy in fact. I suppose a bar/saddle bag trumps a frame bag if I need to take it off if locking up bicycle etc but at the minute a frame bag is seeming like the simpler and cheaper choice if I take into account a support.

  • SQR is also super handy for daily duties that’s right. Takes a lock and essentials, then lock up and take it and go to the pub/shop/wherever. Though I haven’t shied away from leaving a framebag on a locked bike on some occasions.

  • I wouldn't bother with a quick release myself unless there's a concern about the bag itself being taken. All my Carradice bags travel with a shopping bag inside that I take with me when I lock up.

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Carradice Saddlebag

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