Carradice Saddlebag

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  • Hmm maybe i'll try the Audax first then.

    Get the Camper Longflap!

  • I've wondered a few times about mounting my carradice up front too. Using the bagman support loop makes sense. A hacky solution would be to just loop the top bend of the support over the bars and lash the horizontal bits (that fit into the block that clamps under your saddle) to the stem.

  • Done this a few times with north road type bars, works a charm.

  • Any pics of this set-up?

  • Naw, this was before photography was a thing.

  • Spa cycles have got some deals on carradice at the moment­dice_bags_panniers_saddlebags.php

  • Thats what kicked my wondering off, in co-ordination with realising spa cycles is 5 mins walk for my partner's family home

  • Brand new second hand Nelson Longflap, brings Keely to the list:

    34 x Sue
    14 x Priscilla
    12 x Andrea
    12 x Debby
    11 x Janet
    10 x Christine
    9 x Emma
    6 x Susan
    6 x Kelly
    6 x Margareta
    1 x Debi
    1 x Gill
    1 x Vicky
    1 x Sharon
    1 x Zaneta
    1 x Keely

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  • Does anyone have a bikepacking seat pack and can give a review of what it is like to use please?

  • I had a Nelson longflap up front, used some velcro straps off Amazon and a small nitto rack.

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  • Nice setup, any pictures from the side?

  • Thanks

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  • What's the frame? Guessing you Audax?

  • Were the side pockets usable? Maybe calls for a narrower bag or a pocketless one.

  • Lol, yes possibly the bag was too wide. But use what you got and all.

  • All city Macho Man. not yet.

  • I thought it worth sharing this little upgrade to my zipped roll, which I use a lot as a handlebar bag and it works very well. The only annoying thing is that the poppers are hard to snap shut while riding. I’m often dipping in for something while on the move, and if I can’t snap the top shut then the flap blows back on to the bars at the insane speeds I ride.

    Anyway, tl;dr I drilled out the snaps and replaced with magnetic clasps that require no tools to install. You can buy them from MacCulloch & Wallis on Poland Street for 84p a pop.

    I use this bag regularly as bar or saddle bag and rate it.

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  • Looking good! This is the one thing I don’t like about the Zipped roll, otherwise perfect size for shorter day rides/an extra layer.

    How do the clasps first? Look like they just snap in/affixed with metal pins that get bent out?

  • Exactly. Straight through the existing hole for the poppers.

  • Great home upgrade work!

  • Where the existing snap clips hard to drill out? Might have to do this on a few bags if it’s only £0.84 a pop...

  • Top tip, ta!

  • One minute with pliers holding the popper and a drill bit straight through the rivet. Search YouTube if you want to see it done.

    It’s a five min job. But very satisfying as I’ve been planning to do this on various rides for ages.

  • Top bodge, zipper's not required most of the time.

  • I did something similar to adjust the strap length on a leather satchel of mine.

    The exposed flappy pins annoyed me in the way they looked so I fixed that issue by super gluing a 5 Euro cent Coin to it, with the bronze of the coin matching nicely with the brown leather. Also a little pro-EU statement.

    I imagine that a silver coin might look similarly natty on that Carradice roll.

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Carradice Saddlebag

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