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  • My setup. There's a support made out of 2mm stainless sheet fixed with couple of marine grade P-clamps. Haven't had many rides with it but seems to work. No swinging whatsoever. Also supports the middle of the bag so the bag is not sagging between the struts.

  • That mudguard tho.

  • Also marine grade stainless steel?

    Edit: Oops, wrong mudguard.

  • I know! Please don't.

  • One of the upsides to metal guards is that you can let them take a little bit of weight from the saddle bag. That looks like plenty of space anyway.

  • What you don't seem from this angle is that I've shaped the end of the support strut to got with the angle of the mudguard. There's also a washer which is spreading the load a bit. That was the first version though; now I have a 6mm bolt going through the seat stay bridge which makes the assembly more rigid.

    e. Oh, it wasn't my mudguard i guess. Nevertheless It's even better now!

  • Would you mind letting me know how the two compare after you've given it some use? I use my bridge street all the time and it's great, but a carradice looks considerably more sexy so I could be swayed.

  • On the expedition support, has anyone else had issues with the side bolts? The ones that secure the support loop to the qr mount. I can't seem to get good purchase on them

  • Change them for something else, stock ones are shit.

    I used hex heads, 8mm spanner, Job done

  • I had an inkling that they were a weird size (and that it was the reasoning for the poor fit with my allen key), finally decided to try it and popped some spare rack bolts in no bother just now no bother. So much better.

  • I'm thinking of getting a Super C saddlebag to use on my handlebars like a cheaper version of a Fabio's chest. Would I need a rack to support it?

  • Yes.

    Otherwise it’s just going to sag and bounce about

  • Drops or flats?

  • I've done it with an audax lightweight (9L capacity), retrofitted with a Klickfix mount. No rack.

  • It would be worth trying some rigid material in the bag before going all in with a rack I reckon. Depends a fair bit on how you're going to mount to the bars.

  • @r.hobbs I assumed so, thanks, it would be on my 29er so there is more space to the tyre

    @TM on my MTB, so flats

    @Landslide I think Klickflix would be way to bouncy

    @alialias I did wonder about riveting a stiff plastic liner it it actually.

  • I've generally used coroplast as it's widely available around here in the form of election signs :0

  • Rigid fork?

    Might get away with it, could use a longer strap and secure it round the fork crown to hold it in place.

    It’s LONG.

  • Yeah this build

    I'll have to find one to test before I buy.

    @withered_preacher yes something like that is what I was wondering. All the way down the back, then round and a bit up the front.

    Im sure SJS will have the bits to let me bodge something like this support they sell for the fabios chest

  • I think you will definitely need a support of some description otherwise it’ll be on the front wheel.

    One of those cheapo black rando type racks maybe?

  • Hmm maybe i'll try the Audax first then, I know someone who has a spare one

  • I’ve got a super c if you want to have a look. Come to Norths one of these days!

  • Maybe a loop from mid fork to mid fork and then lashed to the bag, could be enough support to avoid a rack.

    Actually, that’s what is illustrated in your pic.

  • Audax is puny.

    I used the super c on van to San, it’s a great bag and decent size, although not as nicely finished as the classic range... Worth persevering to fit.

    If you want something smaller that isn’t tiny it’s the classic carradice stuff.

    I’ve got a barely used nelson longflap which I could get rid of, which is the next logical step down - just that vintage styling.

  • If you're that worried, get the stabliser that attach to the rack mount to the bagman.

    Also, text me!

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Carradice Saddlebag

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