Carradice Saddlebag

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  • Your coming to sjs for a great reason... we sell Carradice cheap ;)

  • Put one of those aside for me please! I’ll check which one on the site.

    Also need to work out when I’m coming.

  • We have like a million Carradice bags! Just let me know which one!

  • @Rhobbs - Might want to check your stock of Bagman Supports. Got one in the post (QR Expedition version) from SJS and the spring sliders are not machined properly, so the rod bit doesn't secure, the spring isn't in straight and it keeps getting jammed.

    Popped the fellas an email to get it replaced, hopefully just a one off!

  • Thanks!

    I’ll get that sorted this afternoon.

    With anything, just email over and we will sort it out!

  • Thanks.

    Already sorted, Carradice sending a replacement out today! Top service.

    There is a reason SJS are my fav shop, service and range.

  • I have the same issue. Might give them a call.

  • swish,

    glad its sorted!

  • Mounts fine to the handlebars?

  • I've got a couple of stand-offs made from plastic pipe, and run straps through them, around the wooden batten, and round the fork crown. This arrangement holds it up nicely and prevents sagging. Then a velcro strap round the steerer tube to stop unwanted jiggling.

  • As a Kickstarter backer, got my Carradice x Rough-Stuff Fellowship Archives top tube panniers (why yes I am a hipster twat, how did you guess?), made by Sue, in the post this morning.

    34 x Sue
    14 x Priscilla
    12 x Andrea
    11 x Debby
    11 x Janet
    8 x Christine
    8 x Emma
    6 x Susan
    6 x Kelly
    6 x Margareta
    1 x Debi
    1 x Gill
    1 x Vicky
    1 x Sharon
    1 x Zaneta

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  • They look good, any pics on the bike?

  • The leather seems a little thicker than some recent offerings, have you compared?

  • As you wish! It's a big frame, so the bags are slightly above the down tube; I haven't yet been out to see how much of a pain it is using DT shifters with the bag in place. They're reasonably roomy - I got a pack jacket, buff, and armwarmers in one side with room to spare.

    (@withered_preacher looks about the same thickness as the straps on my Camper.)

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  • Wish I’d gone for them as well as the book now

    I have an SQR Slim ( made by Momike) I don’t use it anyone is looking for one. I have both sizes of mount too

  • Considering buying a bagman sport rack for my super c audax, how much movement is there when bag is sat on the rack? And does the qr bracket version make it more stable, or just easier to pinch?

  • Any more pictures of this set up?

  • Thanks, man those look sweet.
    Bet they’d work well as front low/high riders as well, though kind of defeating the purpose of the original design.
    Wonder if Carradice will put them into regular production.

  • As a camera bag too...

  • Picture shows my homemade drybag harness, but the strapping arrangement is the same. The green straps go over the top of the bar, through the stand-offs, and round a rod (on the harness here, but the wooden dowel when using my Carradice). Tensioning is done on buckles between the bar and fork crown to keep the harness or bag from sagging down towards the tyre.

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  • Another picture.

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  • Straight to bodge thread, do not pass go. Great stuff!

  • My full size super c on the expedition rack is very stable. It starts to wobble when I've been to the shops and bought to many tins of beans/beer but even then it holds well. I have the qr too, but have never used without so can't comment on extra stability. Also can't comment on stability with the rack vs without - I've only ever used this setup.

  • Depending on how heavily loaded the bag is, it can get fairly wobbly when out of the saddle in my experience (but others may offer differing opinions as you can read). I like the QR system as I can just take the whole bag on and off really easily eg when commuting, or leaving the bike on a ferry or train. Can't say whether it changes anything stability-wise.

  • I’ve got the QR and it’s plenty stable. I’ve added on the new support struts though for off roading. Solid as a rock.

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Carradice Saddlebag

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