Bristol film for Bicycle Film Festival 09

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  • yeah we were both there, wheres nana? pretty good night however i was a little worse for wear.

  • Went out with aftersputnik today for a little film. Nothing exciting, just a thrown together edit of a mess around on top of a car park.
    peep it:

    (apologies for bad compression settings)

    and sorry blankface havnt been on here for a while so hadnt seen your post! message me if you fancy doing some filming or whatever as im always around.

    Awesome dude, thats great stuff!

    You're getting far more done than i have! last Wednesday was the first day it was dry so I rushed back home after work, eager to get on my bike, strap my camera to the front and go for a ride, testing how it would look!

    I left park row, went round the fountains, down behind the waterfront and onto the end of Hotwells - i went as fast as my little legs would take me - returned home knackered to find I didnt press record properly!!!

    Doh! Anyways, im back to normal now so plan on going out tomorrow night with Luis and Alex hopefully so ill let you know how it goes!

    Good work though, great to see stuff happening!

    ~ Gav.

  • yeah we were both there, wheres nana? pretty good night however i was a little worse for wear.

    I couldn't believe some of the tunes they were playing, Craig David was defs a winner haha. Really nice edit anyway.

  • I went out with Louis & Alex last night and got a good set of footage - about 15 / 20 usable clips so thats a good start.

    Did my 3rd attempt of securing my camera to my stem but it just wont work, my camera refues to film (i think its just too sensative for the bumps - even with 'drop detection' turned off, it refuses to film) - so going to have a re-think and try and secure it another way

    Hopefully going out again tonight, so if any of you guys are around, hopefully see you and get some more footage of riding / static stuff!

    Cheers all, progress is happening!

    ~ Gav.

  • Id be up for it tonight bro, I could ride for an hour or so. when and where?

  • We could just all meet at the waterfront bit by Cafe Gusto at like 7pm-ish? Just a casual affair, if anyone's around I'll just film the happenings!

    ~ Gav.

  • Ill be down there

  • Thanks to those who came out tonight, sorry it was such a shambles and I didnt have a plan! i was hoping to get some footage of riding, thinking my camera would be mountable - unfortunately not!

    S'alright though, got lots of bits and steves gnarly slam so we're getting there!

  • Was a fun little ride man, I really didnt expect park street to be that slippery... that was crazy,
    I could lock out my wheel with almost no weight on the pedals..
    Id be up for some daytime rides in the coming few weeks too.


  • Let me know when it happens next, I work a lot but really want in on this. It sounds fun.

  • I think i might have a plan for filming whilst riding... i couldnt sleep last night due to my head whiring with ideas - and also discovered a super-cheap trick to mimic a steadicam, to give a much more fluid feel to hand-held shots

    I'll be out again on Thursday I think, for a ride and a film, nothing specific (as i didnt have much of a plan last night, i hope that didnt piss some of the guys off)

    But yes definitely get some stuff in the daytime, although it'll have to be a Saturday or Sunday - maybe next weekend, to get stuff in the daylight!

  • I think I'll be out & about tomorrow, not sure what time I can get to Bristol, but I'd love to join you guys for a ride/mess about. Will be around 7 I guess. As long as it ain't too wet!

  • jamfactory would you care to share this super-cheap steadicam trick i'd love to know!?

  • we're getting there, slowly but surely! went out again with Louis last night and got a few more bits - managed to film a couple of rides too with my 'tripod-inside-bag' trick - it isnt super smooth but its def usable in some parts.

    Going to go out next weekend to get some stuff in the daylight - if y'all around? I think ill split the edit up into 'day' and 'night', as we're going to have too much night footage to just throw in - gives a nice seperation to the edit aswell!

    Jonny, who's also started doing some bike filming, knocked together this little teaser with the stuff he shot a few nights ago...

    Xynthetic: Day & Night Teaser on Vimeo

  • jamfactory would you care to share this super-cheap steadicam trick i'd love to know!?

    As silly as it sounds, but your tripod is a steadicam of sorts! Super expensive steadicams are all based on counterweights, so if you extend your regular tripod out, with the legs closed - you have a counterweight for your camera!

    if you have a horizontal arm then extend that out and use that as a horizontal balancer for extra steadiness!

    Sounds ghetto i know, but it definitely helps get a steadier shot!

  • awesome cheers for that

  • Im going to be going out with Louis & Alex again thir Thursday, if any of you guys are about?

    Hopefully with a couple of photography friends too, so the more the merrier to get footage & photos!

    Should be able to film a ride aswell, so that'll be good to get a proper convoy of folk on film!!

    Cheers all,

    ~ Gav.

  • I should be out on thursday. what time are you gonna be down at the water?

  • if my bike is in some form of rideable condition id love to come

  • Awesome, shall we say 7pm @ the Cafe Gusto spot?

    I might be lurking over the other side of the river first to film some long shots, so dont worry if you see a shadowy figure with a camera filming you lot!

    Cheers all, see you Thursday

    ~ Gav.

  • Should be there if the weather's alright!

  • might be able to make this thursday too - although I'm crap so you probably wont want to film me :)

    Will bring some cameras though and am happy to take some stills

  • nice one gents, be great to have a convoy!

    @danb - ahh man dont worry about it, Im super crap but it isnt about that at all, just about loving riding man, its all cool!

    Any extra footage and stills is all appreciated, the more the merrier!

  • I'm gonna come down with my camera and a few flashes - try and light this sh*t up! My kit's a bit on the heavy side, mind, so i may have to come in the car (booo!).

  • Good session tonight guys, hope some good photos/video was taken! Got back to my car & realised my rear tyre was shredded down to the threads! Fastest tyre I've ever wrecked! Too many skids I think!

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Bristol film for Bicycle Film Festival 09

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