The RIP thread...

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  • A man ahead of his time. The C5 was the right product just at the wrong time. No one was interested in electric vehicles in the 80’s.

  • I spent many many happy hours on my bro’s 48k Spectrum back in the early 80’s - Rip.

  • I'm afraid I think the C5 misunderstood the market for transportation devices completely. It wouldn't sell today, either, because people look ridiculous in one, and because it fails to offer people the comfort they expect from a car. One of the main drivers of automobilism, for instance, is the ability to travel together and have conversations and social interaction, which the C5 didn't offer. THE main driver of automobilism is the nimbus of it being a universal tool fit for use in all transport scenarios (which it obviously isn't, just as computers should be used for far fewer applications, but the nimbus exists).

    The C5 actually has quite a few similarities to (still very niche) recumbent velomobiles. I don't think the lack of mass attractiveness of this concept will change in a hurry. Maybe when half the world has been destroyed by catastrophic flooding.

  • Without Sir Clive, would there have been a British games industry?

    I once met the man who wrote the BIOS for the Dragon 16.

  • María Mendiola, 69. One half of Baccara whose massive 70’s hit Yes Sir I Can Boogie was one this teenager of the era’s favourite songs.

    You've put it in the right place as far as the phrase that it occurs in goes, but the grammar is indeed off. I'd re-formulate to:

    '... was one of this teenager's favourite songs of the era.'

    I think there's a slightly different nuance in the original, and would prefer:
    '... was one of the favourite songs of this teenager of the era.'

  • Clive Sinclair.


    A true inspiration to many, and many I know.

  • Let's all sit down and sing about gold.

  • One of the main drivers of automobilism, for instance, is the ability to travel together and have conversations and social interaction, which the C5 didn't offer

    Most of the cars I see only have one person in them, especially during rush hour. That doesn’t look much like communication and would be much better served in smaller electric vehicles.
    I would suggest the C5 should have been the starting point for development and refinement rather than the start, middle and end of personal electric transportation that was ridiculed. Only now with the introduction of ebikes and esctooters are we getting back to that low power, light weight solo travel option that would be possible for the masses (accepting most people won’t cycle any distance)

  • Why people buy cars and what they use them for often aren't the same.

  • This doesn't really make sense when there is now a massive market for single-person, less comfortable than a car, electric vehicles. Yes the rider position was ridiculed, and is no longer used, but that is just one factor. Adults riding scooters have also been ridiculed but tastes change rapidly when the product adequately covers needs.

  • RIP My mate Bruce (48), who died peaceful in his sleep from natural causes last Saturday, a fine and funny man who will be greatly missed, I'll definitely miss his little observations on life, along with his cricket updates.

  • Sorry for your loss, mate, RIP, Bruce! 🖤

  • RIP Bruce.

  • Sorry for the loss of your friend.

  • Awful news that chris Anker sørensen has been killed in Belgium after being hit by a car, he was there covering the world champs as a commentator. One of the most recognisable riders in the peloton with his distinctive riding style and Danish National Champion in 2015. RIP.

  • That's really shitty, RIP.

  • Rip Jimmy fantastic footballer

  • Jimmy Greaves.

  • Report says “he failed to yield at a junction when required to do so and was struck by a van”.

  • Jimmy Greaves, 81.

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The RIP thread...

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