The RIP thread...

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  • All those comments from cabbies about how great cabbies are.

  • The trouble with this sentiment is that you would only ever hear good things about Hitler, Stalin or Thatcher

    If you can’t think of anything nice to say about a person, even if they are dead, maybe that’s OK. Say something not nice.

  • Charlie Kray got more.

  • 10 o'clock BBC news. Pic of Phil on a bike with a Polo mallet!

  • Jono Read of ITV introducing an interview with Theresa May commenting on Prince Philip:

    "She also has a husband called Philip"

  • I was tasked with updating the operation orders for the TVP, Op Forth and London Bridge, for about five years on the trot. This was just for my department's responsibilities in and around Windsor. His will be a simple affair with the male royals in uniform escorting, on foot, a Landover towing a gun carriage down a bit of the Long Walk then into Frogmore House. I doubt it has changed much since I retired. There's a lot more involved in London Bridge.

  • Tomorrow's Mail has a hundred and forty fucking four pages on Phil.

  • He's there favourite former asylum seeker

  • Ah, 9 hours to reach Goodwin’s Law and a vague moral equivalence between Prince Phillip vs Hitler and Stalin. (Despite Thatcher’s failings, I don’t see how she can be put in the same category).

  • That is not what BQ is saying.

  • I think Thatcher may be worse for the centrist dad. Fully triggered.

  • For what it's worth, I think your sentiment is right. Well said.

  • you would only ever hear good things about Hitler, Stalin or Thatcher

    This should be in the epic WTF thread!!

    As a republican whose family were miners in the '80s I'm no great fan of Thatcher but I do have some sense of perspective for gods sake. This stinks of some look at me desperate attention seeker flopping his dick on the table shouting look at me I'm on the right side of history!

    Thatcher (and then Heseltine and Major), put my brother out of a job, but I wasn't amongst millions of Brits who woke up one morning wondering where the fuck he was, never to see him again!!

  • Ha ha. What an utterly insane headline. I feel inspired by a dead man to shoot a stag.

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  • This country gets more like North fucking Korea daily. Sport section of the BBC website leads with sport pays tribute to him, then an article (I refuse to click on) apparently about his carriage driving prowess.

  • I read it. He was into polo (is that a sport?) and carriage driving (about as much of a sport as F1). There’s also a pic of him playing cricket but his crooked back lift suggests he’d be out LB a lot to anything straight.

  • Lucky we’ve still got Prince Andrew, he could do all that stuff listed plus a whole lot more, such as flying a helicopter..

  • lol, is there anything he couldn't do?

  • did a little lol at this and am now going to hell:

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  • Prince Andrew read the part that said "Princess Elizabeth had only been eight when they first met" and thought he'd make his dad proud.

  • Can’t sweat though.

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The RIP thread...

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