The RIP thread...

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  • rip dmx

  • I'm waiting for my incredibly royalist in-laws to text me their unsolicited outpourings, so I can reply "Had no idea you were such a fan of DMX"

  • It's not very nice but I have always loved this verse in particular:

    Listen! Your ass is about to be missin'
    You know who gon' find you? Some old man fishin'
    Grandma wishin' your soul's at rest
    But it's hard to digest with the size of the hole in your chest

  • Is that DMX or Prince Pip?

  • DMX was a cunt. Big animal cruelty issues.

  • I think Philip wrote it for Diana.

  • HAs DMX dies seen both reports he is ok and reports he has passed away ??

  • All of the links that say "He's still alive!" are actually "He's dead" once you click on them.

  • There’s also some conspiracy reports that say he died from having the vaccine last week, seemingly side stepping his severe coke addiction into unsurprising heart attack.

  • Also what's Phil the Greeks Bridge code. Waterloo Bridge?

  • Forth Bridge I believe.

    They are about the same age.

  • There are people saying phil was kept alive till covid restrictions eased so he could have a funeral. Bit like the popes death at easter.

    Let us not forget that he was worshipped as a God, on some island or something like that.

  • Never heard of DMX but shit happens when you take a load of drugs...
    Worse is if you take the drugs , have a heart attack resulting in a hypoxic brain injury and then end up alive but unfortunately as a non functioning husk. (seen this a few times in work and it's not a good thing).

  • Just watching the Reading (football) game start, half an hour silence (maybe two minutes) for the racist prince, 20 seconds kneeling to protest racism directly afterwards. 🤷

  • Arrested twice for animal cruelty, at least 25 abused dogs taken away from him and three dead ones found partially buried in his garden. Fuck that fool

  • One of my English teachers at school was a child when George VI died. I remember him recounting how, on that day, his teacher came into the classroom and said "The king is dead" and sent them all home; no kids questioned it and nobody made any noise. I was very conscious even then that he was telling us that story because he knew the country had changed since then. Changed more since.

  • Didn't he use to drive round London in a black cab so he could anonymously, ahem, service a variety of mistresses?

  • “if you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all”


    Maybe old Phil could have took those words on board

  • Fucking boot lickers

  • Was an LPG taxi as well, he was well ahead of the ULEZ

  • All those comments from cabbies about how great cabbies are.

  • The trouble with this sentiment is that you would only ever hear good things about Hitler, Stalin or Thatcher

    If you can’t think of anything nice to say about a person, even if they are dead, maybe that’s OK. Say something not nice.

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The RIP thread...

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