The RIP thread...

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  • RIP Phil,
    I’m gonna have to rewatch the Crown all weekend now.

  • You do know that's fiction, right?

  • I know he was a b’got and all. But we probably have at least a weeks worth of tributes from the BBC archive.

    Edit: he's passing on the usual service at Westminster Abbey or St. Paul's Cathedral and won't lie in state at Westminster Palace.

  • RIP HRH Prince Philip, The Duke of Edinburgh. Often you don’t realise what you have lost until it is gone.
    It might not be a popular opinion on here but I am very sad at his passing, and am currently grateful for the rolling news coverage.

    He was an incredibly loyal servant to Queen and Country and we all owe him a deep gratitude of thanks.

  • With the greatest respect, do please fuck off!!!

  • It really is impossible to tell what is sarcasm and what is lunacy these days.

  • Shoosh Shoosh.

  • Old racist was well overdue, meh.

  • This is like when I was a kid and Diana died and I just wanted to watch cartoons.


  • This is like when I was a kid and Diana died

    That's a low blow on this sad day.

  • BBC1 have cleared the schedules and dedicated the fourteen(!) hours to this.

  • I am a member of select band of men who have been told to "Fuck off!" by both the Duke of Edinburgh and his "son" the Duke of York. Good times.

  • On French TV they don't give a shit. All the normal programmes. Most of which seem to be news and current affairs programmes, which are still not mentioning it.

    When Diana crashed the car I was watching Le Samourai and they interrupted it. It took me until two weeks ago to finally watch it when it was on TV

  • No extra Bank holiday means I'm not interested. Haha.

  • It's truly a sad day when a 99 year-old lizard-person leaves Earth to rejoin their kin, reverting to their original form.

  • This is sarcasm? Please say so? 😂

  • I might even have to work this weekend as a result of that old turd biting the big one. Reverse bank holiday.

  • Diana crashed the car

    So that's what happened.

  • Good riddance to a racist bigot of the highest order.

  • Nice!
    Any other royals?

  • .

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  • He was a daft old racist and raised two morally reprehensible sons. Good riddance cunt.

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The RIP thread...

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