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  • Nice one, good to know. Yeah the stem included looks like a decent length, so I'll take a punt on it and go for a test ride.

    Here's some pics (and no, that campag wheel on the front unfortuantely isn't included in the £200 price)

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  • FWIW im 6ft1 with long legs and rode a 58 when I had one.

  • Hm, I think the frame is really designed more for the use of a drop bar, as far as I can tell. I had that 130mm stem, and then an Easton bar with an additional 85mm reach. I think you are likely to find this a rather "short" setup with that flat bar - but a test ride will tell!

  • Sale also includes drops so will make sure to give a go with those fitted too

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  • I’m 5,12 and ride a 56 PC, but have also had a 54 PC as well. The 56 is a better fit, but the 54 wasn’t a killer. Hope this helps.
    (Pic is the 56)


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  • If you can be 5’12” then I’m 6’-2”.

  • I rode a 54 and is 6" as well. 140mm stem.

  • Should have said, I’m running a 110 stem with 42cm SWorks Fly bars on the 56.

  • Assuming the overlap on a 45cm PC will be fairly severe on the road? My partner is interested in getting one but doesn't want to commit to a track only bike as she hasn't tried it yet.

  • I'm tempted by a FXE as a road fixed type thing. Has anyone managed to squeeze anything bigger than 25c under guards?

  • I got bored and rebuild this pile of alu

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  • Finally joined the pre cursa gang.

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  • Fwiw I had 28s plus 35mm guards on my pre-cursa with a road fork

  • Ah, good to know, thanks!

  • Just stumbled across an old photo of my pre cursa!!

    I used to ride miles and miles on this thing and the thought of riding 50 plus miles on a fixed gear again hurts my knees!

  • First post- my 54cm pre cursa at lee valley a couple of months ago. It's done well at LVVP and HH so far and we're going to a fixed beers crit on the 24th.

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  • Looking to convert my FXE to a front disc brake. Any suggestions as to an affordable/suitable fork?

    The bike is mainly used for commuting.

  • Waiting for a pair of 88mm carbon wheels for this one

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  • What size frame do you 6ft5 guys ride?

  • I've been using a 60cm. It's quite long but with a couple spacers under the stem it fits great

  • ...

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  • Palmer Park?

  • my pre cursa frame and fork from a leader (not sure which), bought it like this and i reckon it looks rather sweet

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  • Weird moment today walking out of my office, turning the corner and seeing my FXE locked up - thats odd I didnt leave it there!

    Ah - I sold it six months ago.

    3T rotundo's, cane creek levers, spesh phenom saddle, sugino crank, etc. definitely my old bike. Made me feel quite nostalgic

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Dolan Pre Cursa / PreCursa / Track Champion

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