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  • What I want to get to is something that I can still commute on, can lock outside relatively safely (otherwise I’d just go buy a gravely type thing) and takes wide enough rubber for occasional off road. This will take the form of kids cycling mainly, but would like to manage a little north of London green lane stuff.

    I’ve no interest in rocks or mud so thinking 35mm would be well wide enough. Someone with some balance (which I lack) would prob be fine on 28s

  • Yep absolutely, that's what I meant by cross fork a few posts back. This was dreamy for cans in the park:

  • Sorry! I just read the steamroller part of your post as that’s what I was thinking about.

    Ok - condor do a cheap cx fork which may fit the bill. What’s the deal with cantis vs V vs mini-vs?

  • Right - I think I’m going for some tektro cr720 cantis (hard to find decent cantis second hand so might get new, but I only need one which is a pain) as they reportedly play well with my cane creek sc-5 levers. And then a random (mint condition) carbon canti fork off ebay with a mid 40 trail (I still have to measure the crown distance on the alpina)

    I have a phobia about second hand carbon stems, bars and forks, but there seem to be a few un-or-lightly used forks available, with uncut steerers and suchlike.

    What could go wrong.

  • I've never had cantis, but the impression I get on here is that they're a bit of a nightmare. Mini-v is nice and easy, plenty strong and will work with road pull levers. I've had them on a few bikes with no issues.

  • Ah - I read somewhere that v brakes didn’t play well with drop bar road pull. But if mini-vs work then I’ll go down that route.


  • I've stuck disc forks on Pre Cursas and they work fine.

    Any reason why you'll like to have cantis?

    Current 105 and above caliper brakes are pretty darn good if you decide to keep the original forks.

  • Its just to get a little more clearance than you get with the forks it came with. Discs would mean a new front wheel and trying to track down a single cable disc setup (no point in getting a pair)

    That all said, carbon canti forks seem impossible to find, so it may be back to either a steel fork or a front disc

  • If you can wait til after Easter I have a couple forks I'd sell, both under £30, one carbon with alloy steerer, the other full alloy (pictured on my old dolan upthread)

  • Do you remember how you got your chainline sorted on this?

  • I had a spacer between hub and sprocket, not sure what size. Dunno if it was perfect but it was definitely good enough

  • Was the hub a regular garden threaded track hub? Or one of those splined types?

    Cheers for the infos. A mate wants to use a modern campag road chainset and BB in a FXE frame.

  • No problem! Track cranks are so expensive now I'm surprised we don't see more road cranks bodged tbh.
    It was a miche primato low flange hub, normal threaded cog arrangement

  • Yeah, likley. I'm analysis paralysis at the moment:

    • sort out wheel (needs a new rim anyway) and I can probably fit a 30mm which is likley good enough
    • canti fork and mini-vs
    • disc fork, disc brakes and new wheel

    Prob with (2) and (3) is that the fork will be taller, and I've already got a slammed stem (im 6' and have a 58, should have gone for 56). Im worried that the bike will feel even more riding-a-gate-like than it does today

  • Does anyone know what is the standover height for a 58cm Dolan Pre Cursa please?

  • 56 is about 81cm (so 83cm for 58....? 2cm longer headtube & seattube)

  • Does anyone have a 56cm pre cursa frameset for sale please?

  • My epiphany is that modding a FXE to get more clearance is only ever going to get me to a track-inspired road bike with slightly wider tyres.

    I should sell it (as much as it pains me, coz its a great bike) and get a single speed gravel type thing instead

    Anyone interested in a 58cm FXE then let me know

  • What are the differences between a pre cursa and a track champion?

  • My Dolan Pre Cursa in Limited Edition Gloss, looks and rides amazing

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  • I wanted a new frame and were on a tight budget, so i bought a precursa, nothing too fancy, waiting on a matching rear wheel

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  • Anyone lost a Pre Cursa with double Aerospokes?

  • Looking for some help regarding sizing for the precursa's. I'm about 5'7" and currently ride at 52cm square track frame with a 100mm stem. Closest to this is their 50cm ct with a 52.5cm tt, but their sizing chart seems to indicate a size up, 52cm ct with 53.5cm tt.
    I unfortunately don't have any stack or reach numbers from the other frame so thats not much help I suppose.
    Any insight on what might fit me better? Would be interested in knowing what other people about my height use
    Cheers everyone :)

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Dolan Pre Cursa / PreCursa / Track Champion

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