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  • I'm looking to go much longer on my Pre Cursa and have begun obsessing over packing options.
    Full frame bag vs Carradice vs front rack or simplicity of a small / medium seat pack.
    Can I ask what make you have on your PC in the picture?

  • Hi, it’s a specailized burra burra bag, it’s the large one, 20ltrs I think. It’s been dry inside for the 3 years I’ve had it and that’s using it in the crappyest of weather. The stabiliser mount is great, really stops the back end swinging around. Would I buy it again? Yes I think I would.

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  • Sounds familiar to the Carradice seat pack I've been looking at.........

  • Anyone selling a pre cursa in 50cm?

  • Would anyone be interested in a 60cm FXE? I bought it from here a year or so ago- sticker bombed frame and forks, riser bars etc. Will put a proper ad up later but giving you guys a heads up first. I'm in Plymouth so will have to post.

  • Here it is as my commuter just for an idea- different cockpit when for selz

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  • Brother steel fork added to the Dolan for clearance and making more use of the rack without worrying about the carbon.

    Handling still feels lively after an initial skid round the block a few times.
    Still hunting for disc callipers etc to finish off!

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  • I've been toying with the idea of putting one of these on mine.

    Steel forks are underrated.

  • I looked at that for a while too. went with the brother purely because I preferred the look TBH. Segmented fork with the chunky frame goes better than the lugged crown...

    Thats also a 26" though? - pretty sure there is a 700c/29er one though.

  • The 26" is the right length. I think (with the 26" fork) you can only get a 35mm-ish tyre in on a 700c wheel.

  • 650b straggler fork might also be a shout? Could be less "tour"ey

  • 'Tour'ey' as in awesome number of mounts rated for carrying a baby elephant? Why wouldn't you? And thru axles are the future and low-riders are handy. Neither are near 'light' so I'd go for utility and handling.

    The 650b Straggler fork is about the right length though. This colour is something. It would look amazing with a grey frame :D

  • this rocks

  • "Tour"ey as in geometry! I'm not clever enough to be able to tell you what the difference might be though

  • I like the short omnium cxc fork: 370mm with 38mm rake (52mm trail on a pre cursa)­tight-clearance-fork/

    but I have said that a couple of times now :) and probably not cheap for UK purchase anymore.

  • Theres the Chinese fork too, tsunami. lugged, 373mm. 70quid including delivery (+import fees)

  • Finally finished putting my Pre Cursa back together

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  • 1st thing to come up on their website is that they are not shipping to the UK

  • 'private customers'

    They have a few dealers here.

  • 56cm Dolan Seta with full carbon new Columbus fork and 105 brakes, will throw in fresh Shimano pads too.

    Frame and fork alignments is within tolerance, it’s in good condition. Just the usual small marks and such from usage.

    £480 ONO pick up from Balfes Bikes Fulham

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  • Is that a Futura SL fork? Mind me asking that the clearance is like?

  • Damn. I wanted that frame set but that’s about £130 more than the rest that have sold on here.

  • Correct, but not painted.

    Clearance is massive with fork, rear not so much, more like 25mm, you can get away with 28mm on rear but that risk getting chainstay wearing away from wheel/tyres flex.

  • Hence ONO, it got a way way way better fork and brakes.

  • I see. Well if someone fancied the fork, I’d be interested in the frame however I doubt that will happen sadly

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Dolan Pre Cursa / PreCursa / Track Champion

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